Service-Learning Mini-Grant Application
(a) In what service activities will the students participate?
(b) How is this service activity connected to course content? Is there capacity for you and your students to treat the service project as a course text in a way that both enriches and advances course objectives?
(c) How will a service-learning grant provide needed support?
(a) How does this service-learning project address a significant need in the community?
(b) What organizations or populations have you identified as potential partners in this project? Have you contacted them?
(c) What structures have you established in order to communicate with the identified community partners?
(a) How will you assess student learning? How will students demonstrate what they have learned?
(b) How will you facilitate meaningful reflection after students complete the project?
Share and Showcase the Project with Campus
- Campus Newspaper
- Spring Experiential Learning Showcase and Symposium
- Faculty Presentation
- Student Life Presentation
- College, Department, or Program Showcase/Symposium
Please list activities and supplies needed