The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Training Program, founded in 1993 by Sport in Society at Northeastern University, motivates student leaders to play a central role in solving problems through scenario building sessions around sexual and dating violence, homophobia, and sexual harassment. The MVP Program motivates students to work together in preventing gender violence. Utilizing the unique bystander approach to prevention, participants take back the power and shed stigma often associated with bystanders. Participants learn to serve as role models working to prevent violence and confront abusive peers through skills development. The approach does not involve finger pointing, nor does it blame participants for the widespread problems of gender violence. Instead, it sounds a positive call for proactive, preventive behavior, and leadership.

MVP Goals:

Raise Awareness

Challenge Thinking through Open Dialogue

Inspire Leadership


Requesting an MVP Mini Session to your group:

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Training Program motivates students to play a central role in preventing gender violence through scenario building sessions & active bystander skills development.


Topics to choose from:

Sexual assault/consent

Dating violence


Sexual/cyber harassment

These mini session training programs are being conducted on Drake’s campus by student-led certified trainers and can be customized to any length and topic to fit your group dynamic. 


Report to Title IX
Contact Drake Public Safety
Confidential Resources

Quick contacts to reach a confidential advocate

  • VIP peer-student advocacy
    515-512-2972 (call or text)
  • Polk County Crisis and Advocacy
  • Cowles Library 109 during the academic year
        - Tuesdays 2:30-4:30
        - Thursdays 9:00-11:00