It may be helpful to share what's happening with someone you trust to build a support system. Reach out to family or friends that you know would be supportive.

For community and campus support:

  • You have the right to seek free, confidential assistance for crisis counseling, legal/medical advocacy, financial assistance through community referrals, safety planning, and/or support groups through calling the 24 hour Domestic Violence Services program at 515-243-6147 or the Iowa Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-942-0333.
  • You can seek confidential counseling offered by the University Counseling Center by calling 515-271-3864.
  • If you need academic accommodations, the Dean of Students Office at 515-271-2835 and/or The Office for Sexual Violence Response at 515-271-4141, can assist in referring you as appropriate within the university.
  • For campus support to referrals and information on legal/professional services contact The Office for Sexual Violence Response and Healthy Relationship Promotion at 515-271-414.

Consider changing your locks or moving to a different location for your safety.

  • Safe, emergency shelter and other support services including transitional housing and other resources are available through the local Polk County Domestic Violence Services program by calling 515-243-6147.
  • If you live on campus, The Office of Residence Life at 515-271-3781, may be able to assist you in moving residence halls due to safety concerns.
  • Some apartment complex landlords will assist in changing your locks with no tenant responsibility if a safety concern is determined.
  • If a violent crime occurred in your place of residence and a police report was filed, you may be eligible to file for victim compensation for any damages and/or accrued expenses related to the incident.

Keep/make copies of important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, student IDs, academic schedules, no contact orders/protective orders, etc.

Consider changing your phone number(s) or removing personal information on directories for safety.

  • Disable the GPS unit on mobile phone devices so your location cannot be tracked.
  • You may want to remove your contact information from the campus directory for safety. This can be done through the Student Records Office in Old Main. The Office for Sexual Violence Response at 515-271-4141, can assist with this process if needed.
  • You can obtain an emergency 911 cell phone through Domestic Violence Services at 515-243-6147or by using any old cell phone that still holds a charge.

Consider options for your personal protection.

  • For on- Campus incidences, The Dean of Students at 515-271-2835, and/or Campus Public Safety at 515-271-2222 (or 811 in emergencies), can provide you with information on the process and resources available to you on obtaining a no contact order for on campus. They can discuss with you general safety guidelines and discuss options that are available depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident.
  • In Iowa, you have the right under Chapter Code 236, to file for a civil protective order at the clerk of district court for relief of domestic abuse. An advocate from Domestic Violence Services program can assist you with this process. If issued, this order is effective one year and can be renewed.
  • You have the right to register through the Iowa Protective Order Notification for Domestic Abuse at 1-888-742-8463 to know when the offender has been served the protective order & when it is near the expiration date.
  • Take threats seriously; keep any evidence of harassing or stalking behaviors such as texts/IMs, calls, emails, stolen or damaged property, notes/letters, phone messages, etc. Record time, place, witnesses and dates and consider reporting these behaviors to law enforcement, Campus Public Safety and/or the Dean of Students.
Report to Title IX
Contact Drake Public Safety
Confidential Resources

Quick contacts to reach a confidential advocate

  • VIP peer-student advocacy
    515-512-2972 (call or text)
  • Polk County Crisis and Advocacy
  • Cowles Library 109 during the academic year
        - Tuesdays 2:30-4:30
        - Thursdays 9:00-11:00