Examples of Sexual Harassment

 Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:

  • physical assault, indecent exposure, or physical contact of a sexual nature;
  • direct or implied threats that submission to sexual advances will be a condition of employment, work status, promotion, grades or letters of recommendation etc.;
  • direct propositions of a sexual nature;
  • a subtle pressure for sexual activity or a pattern of conduct (not legitimately related to the subject matter of a course, if a course is involved) intended to denigrate, distress or humiliate through sexual comments or sexually explicit statements, questions, jokes or anecdotes. This pattern of conduct may include unnecessary touching, unwanted staring, patting, hugging or brushing against a person’s body; remarks of a sexual nature about a person’s clothing or body; or remarks about sexual activity or speculations about previous sexual experience;
  • a pattern of conduct that would denigrate, distress or humiliate a reasonable person of the same sex as the person at whom the conduct was directed. The pattern of conduct may, but need not, be of a sexual nature so long as it is directed at another because of sex. Examples include but are not limited to:     
  •    name-calling jokes or negative comments about the person’s sex/gender
  •    physical intimidation, vandalism or pranks
  •    displays of reading materials or pictures containing negative material about a particular sex,  including electronic materials





Report to Title IX
Contact Drake Public Safety
Confidential Resources

Quick contacts to reach a confidential advocate

  • VIP peer-student advocacy
    515-512-2972 (call or text)
  • Polk County Crisis and Advocacy
  • Cowles Library 109 during the academic year
        - Tuesdays 2:30-4:30
        - Thursdays 9:00-11:00