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Current Students

For all the links a student might require visit

Pre-Admission Questions

  • Non-admitted students may be able to complete up to seven credit hours before completing the admission process.  After seven hours, students must be admitted, or further registration will not be possible.  Waivers must be submitted to the Associate Dean by a program advisor for approval.  
  • Admission Process and Testing
  • Non-Degree Seeking Student Registration Procedure

New Student Questions

  • blueView FAQ - Students can perform many administrative functions onlinethrough Drake's student web portal, blueView.  The Drake portal connects students to the Drake School of Education (SOE) and provides single sign-on for other web-based applications like Blackboard, EMail and MyDUSIS.  The Support Center tab in blueViewprovides directions for customization.  
    • Self Service Password Reset - before you can login to blueView for the first time, a permanent password must be set.  Forgotten or expired passwords can be reset via this procedure.
    • For additional assistance resetting your password, reference these online directions.  
  • Advisor Information
  • Blackboard - students may be directed to access a course using this web-based tool.  The USERNAME in Blackboard is your Drake ID and PASSWORD is your blueView password.  Blackboard may also be accessed via blueView.  
  • Drake ID - after admission, a Drake picture ID provides access to multiple benefits and resources on campus.  Visit this web page for information about identification card benefits.   
  • Email Access - All official communication from the Drake SOE will be sent to this account.  
  • As a degree-seeking student, you may download a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office Suite software.  This can be accessed via the Support Center tab in blueView.   
  • Maps and Directions
  • Registered vehicles may be parked in all Drake parking areas.  Parking passes may be purchased online via blueView under the My Drake Account tab or in the Student Services Center
  • Students are required to validate their enrollment by attending the first class meeting for each course on their schedule.  Failure to attend the first class or to make prior arrangements with the professor will result in the student being dropped from that course.  
  • Technology Services - Help Desk
  • University Directory

Campus Public Safety

  • Go to obtain additional information about the following items
    • Emergency Procedures and Public Safety Policy
    • Parking Information and Permits
    • Drake Guardian Mobile App to promote campus safety

Student Accounts

  • For information regarding billing and payment, go to
    • Tuition and Fees
    • The My Drake Account tab on blueView is the gateway to the online Student Accounts office.  From this tab, students can pay their bills, view current statements and access their Drake account
    • Find information on this page for Payment Options or for additional assistance or questions contact 1-800-44-DRAKE, x2151 or 515-271-2151 (option 4)

Student Financial Planning

  • Visit for all information regarding financial aid or contact 1-800-44-DRAKE, x2905 or 515-271-2905
  • Financial Aid for Non-Degree Seeking Students
    • To qualify for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan, a student must file a FAFSA, be admitted to a degree program, be enrolled at least half-time (six credit hours per term in a degree program for undergraduates; five credit hours per term in a degree program for graduate students), receive an award letter listing the loan and submit a Loan Request Form to the Office of Student Financial Planning.
    • To be eligible for financial aid in the fall, spring or summer term, students must be enrolled at least half-time and be admitted to a program for at least one month prior to the end of that term.
    • Financial Aid Handbook
    • Types of Financial Aid

Student Records

  • The Office of Student Records and Academic Information is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of all student records.  Visit to obtain the following information
    • Academic Calendar
    • blueView How To
    • Commencement and Graduation information
      • Application for Graduation - if you are planning to graduate, you must apply.  if you are not attending the ceremony, the paperwork is still mandatory.
    • Course Descriptions
    • FERPA - Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Drake University policy, the University does not release personally identifiable education records without the written permission of the student whose education records are involved.  Students who wish to authorize the University to release or share information regarding their education record to a third party may do so by submitting an Authorization for Information Release form available on the Student Records web site.
    • Final Evaluation Schedule
    • Registration, Adding and Dropping Courses, Wait Lists
    • Schedule of Classes
    • Transcripts

Student Services

  • The Drake Student Service Center is designed to provide support for common campus needs and is located off the East ramp in the lower level of Carnegie Hall.  
  • Visit for assistance with identification cards, meal plans, parking permits, tickets and fines