Cost Sharing

Cost Sharing, Matching Funds & In-Kind

The terms cost sharing, matching funds and in-kind are all used to describe the process by which the total costs of a project are shared by the sponsor and the University. Cost sharing/matching funds requirements vary among sponsors, but usually require the University to provide a percentage of the total costs in order to receive the sponsor's funding. SPA must approve all cost sharing/matching funds.

When cost sharing/matching funds are not required, it is best to avoid specifying University contributions in the budget by item or dollar amount. Care must be taken not to overstate Drake's match commitment. All cost sharing/matching fund commitments, whether required or volunteered, obligate the University to provide the specific resources named and account for their use in the performance of the project. Rather than specifying cost sharing/matching funds, including a letter of support from the University to show that you have University support for the project. This will allow you greater flexibility in managing project resources if the grant or contract is awarded.

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