SPA & Proposals

When you submit your completed proposal or study protocol and all necessary associated paperwork to Sponosored Programs Administration for final routing and approval, you should allow up to five business days for SPA to review the package and route it for institutional approval.

Approval Process

  • Verification
    • Determine if the PI and the Dean have signed the Proposal Routing Form
    • Check the Proposal Routing Form to ensure it has been completed correctly
    • Check that all items required for accounting are included in the package
  • Budget Review
    • Accurate salary calculations
    • Appropriate fringe benefits rates
    • Detailed budget on cost sharing (if applicable)
    • Appropriate approvals for cost sharing and matching funds
    • Appropriate approval or copy of relevant sponsor guidelines for any deviation from standard F & A cost rate
    • Accurate F & A cost calculations
    • Adherence to Cost Accounting Standards for allowable and unallowable costs (Determining Costs)
    • Check that the budget justification is complete and matches the budget
  • Signatures
    • Principal Investigator
    • Deputy Provost
    • Vice President, Finance & Administration
    • Director, Sponsored Programs & Grants Management

When the review is complete, SPA will obtain the necessary signatures. If the package includes a contract, SPA will obtain approval from the Vice President, Finance & Administration. Once all necessary signatures are obtained, SPA staff will make a copy of the proposal package and will call the Principal Investigator to pick up the signed original.

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