Step 1: Find

Identifying Funding Resources

Once you have completed a Preliminary Self-Assessment and decided that you are ready to prepare a proposal, you will need to identify potential funding sources. The funding sources you choose will depend on your experience, the financial scope of your proposed project, the type of project you propose, and your subject area. Select potential sponsors whose needs and priority interests match your project goals.

Grants, contracts and cooperative agreements are available from a variety of sponsors, including government agencies, private and corporate foundations, and industrial programs.

SPA will assist in your search for appropriate funding sources and will try to keep you informed of recent developments in the funding environment. We also encourage you to conduct your own search for funding opportunities. Because you are more familiar with your research or program goals, you may find opportunities that SPA staff--whose knowledge of your work is often limited to a few key words--may not recognize as being relevant to your research.

Please notify SPA when you have identified the sponsors to whom you plan to submit proposals. Occasionally, sponsors have restrictions on the number of proposals they will consider from one institution and it is important to make sure that they are not already considering a proposal from Drake University. In addition, the University may have established agreements with some local and national private foundations, agreements that disallow Drake faculty from submitting independent proposals to these foundations.

Learn more: Contacting Sponsors, Letters of Intent

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