Sodexo Food Policy for Student Groups

 1. Can a student organization host a potluck meal?

A:  Yes, students can host a potluck meal; however, it must be approved by Sodexho. (Only if the meal is truly potluck and no part of it is catered or purchased.)


2.Are students able to order Papa John’s at Howard Hall?

a. Sodexho is able to provide pizza, why order from Papa John’s?

(Sodexho in the Priced Right Catering Menu is providing cheese or one topping 14” pizzas for $5.75, clearly Sodexho is being competitive to provide a service to students.)


3. Are students able to purchase menu selections not listed on the Priced Right Catering Menu?

a. Yes, Sodexho Catering Services will work with student organizations. For example, a student present at the meeting spoke in regards to ordering dirt cake recently from Sodexho and how Sodexho accommodated the group’s needs.


The policy is food for any function should be purchased through Sodexho per the contract.

For special functions donated food is allowed to be brought in with verification; however, in Olmsted and Levitt Hall even donated food may not be brought in to be served.


The Random Night Dinner function has been approved by Sodexho to offer culinary training and events management for Drake students who plan the Random Night Dinner events and prepare the meals.

A Random Night Dinner (RND) is a dinner (on a random night of the week) where an Honors Student Council leader works with Charlene Skidmore and Sarah Cutshall to prepare a meal for approximately 20 students.  The student leader chooses the professor who will lead a discussion about a topic of the professors choice with the students after a simple meal is shared.


The International Night Dinner is hosted on many campuses nationwide.  This is an event where students from many different backgrounds have the opportunity to share their food with the campus residents.  This is the only event in which students are allowed to bring in prepared culinary dishes to be served in Olmsted.


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