Annual Registration Process

Student organizations should complete their annual registration process online. Student organizations MUST RE-REGISTER by September 1 of every academic year.

Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Log in to the Drake Community Student Organizations Website using your Blueview user name and password:

  2. Select the "Annual Registration" button in the upper right corner

  3. Select the "Re-register an Organization" button the left side menu

  4. Use the keyword search to find your organization, or scroll through the alphabetical listing

  5. Click the green "Apply to Reactivate the Group" button

  6. You are REQUIRED to provide the following information:
    • Organization purpose statement
    • Advisor name and email
    • President/Chair and all student members
    • Constitution/By-laws
  7. Some optional fields include meeting dates, times, and locations; organizational email address and website. You will be able to display this information to other students in order to promote your organization

  8. You will need to decide if your organization is open enrollment; invitation only, or by application

  9. Hit the "Submit" button


University News
May 20, 2015
Drake’s College of Business and Public Administration held its Graduate Student of the Year awards ceremony at West End Architectural Salvage on May 7, 2015. The college recognized four graduate students and one faculty member at the event.