blueVIEW Instructions: Add or Drop Classes

Adding/Dropping Instructions for a Fall or Spring Class

Adding/Dropping Instructions for a Summer Class


Q: How do I drop all of my classes?

A: The system will not allow students to drop all of their classes at the same time. Doing so constitutes a withdrawal from the university for the semester.

Q: Why won't the system let me register for a particular class?

A: There are several reasons why the system would reject you from a class.

  1. The section is closed. (There are no more available seats.)
  2. The section has a time conflict with a different class for which you are already registered.
  3. The section has a lab or discussion section that accompanies it. Students must attempt to register for all sections at the same time.
  4. Some classes are restricted to a certain set of students, such as only graduate students, only business majors, only seniors, etc. You may not be among the group of students who is allowed to take the class.

Pay attention to any error messages that you receive when the system rejects you from a class. If you do not understand what the error message means, contact the Support Center or visit this link

Q: Why does the system give me a "You are not permitted to register at this time" message?

A: To avoid overloading the system, students are divided into groups during the initial registration period. The groups are based on the number of credit hours that students have earned. At different intervals, the system becomes available to more and more groups. Students who attempt to register before their assigned registration time will receive this message

Q: How do I know when I become eligible to register?

A:Students can find their assigned registration time here.

Q: I found the section of a class for which I want to register, but there is a "C" instead of a check box beside it. What does that mean?

A: The "C" indicates that the class is closed. There are no more seats available. You should search for a different section.

Q: I found the section of a class for which I want to register, but there is an "SR" instead of a check box beside it. What does that mean?

A: This means that that particular section is not available for registration. Instructor approval may be required for students to register. For assistance, contact the department to which the course belongs.

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