Complete Withdrawal from the University

A student may withdraw from the University at any time during a semester, up to and including the last day of class, only by obtaining the consent of the dean of the college or school in which the student is enrolled. The withdrawal request must document the extenuating circumstances that form the basis for the requested withdrawal, such as a serious illness or a family emergency.

Upon approval of the withdrawal, the student’s transcript records the mark of "W" in the courses in which the student was enrolled that semester.

Drake's online system has a withdrawal request form‌, accessible only within blueVIEW (see the withdrawal request form screen shots link), that automatically sends notifications to offices such as Student Accounts, Student Records, Student Financial Planning, and the student's dean's office. The form serves as a one-stop notification mechanism for the student.

Dropping All Classes Online

Access the withdrawal request form in blueVIEW.  Click this link for withdrawal request form screen shots‌.

  1. Log in to blueVIEW.
  2. Click the MyDUSIS icon in the upper right.  A new window opens.
  3. In the new window, click the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.
  4. Click the Withdrawal Request Form link.
  5. Follow the directions on the following pages and submit the form electronically.


Q: When I try to drop my last (or only) class, I encounter an error message that says, "The last class (CRN) within a term can not be dropped via the web. Please use the Withdrawal Request Form link in MyDUSIS or contact your dean's office."  Why won't the system just let me drop all my classes at once online?

A: Students who drop all of their classes essentially are withdrawing themselves from Drake for the summer semester. For reporting purposes (among other reasons), Drake must reclassify the enrollment status of such students from "eligible" to "withdrawn." Drake's online registration system has a built-in feature that automatically makes this change. The built-in feature has several advantages for the students:

  • Allows for faster processing of withdrawal requests.
  • Allows students to declare their withdrawal intentions in one central location, rather than having to contact several different offices/units.
  • Notifies all of the administrative offices/units automatically.
    • Student's dean's office
    • Student Accounts Office
    • Student Financial Planning Office
    • Student Records Office
    • Residence Life (if applicable)
    • Athletics (if applicable)
    • Other pertinent offices
  • Allows students to leave comments regarding their intent to withdraw.

Q: What happens after I submit this form?

A: Submitting the withdrawal request triggers an electronic workflow:

  1. The system will automatically send an email to all the offices that need to be notified of your intent to withdraw.
  2. Your dean's office will review your comments and may attempt to follow up with you before approving your request.
  3. Once your dean's office approves your request, they will forward it to the other offices (Student Records, Student Financial Planning, etc.) for processing.
  4. Students can expect the entire process to be completed within five business days, depending on the time of year the request was submitted.

Q: When I submit this form, does that mean that I cannot register for any future classes at Drake?

A: Not necessarily. The withdrawal request form is term-specific. Once your withdrawal request has been processed, the system will not allow you to register for any more classes for the term from which you withdrew. It does not affect future terms. For example, you may use the withdrawal request form to drop only your summer classes without affecting your fall registration.

Q: Whom can I contact if I have questions about this withdrawal process?

A: A good place to start is with any of the staff members in the Student Records Office. Also view the links to information regarding the impact on students' billing and financial aid.

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