Caps, Gowns and Attire

Academic attire is required for the commencement ceremony All graduates should wear gowns and hoods appropriate for their degree. A friend’s or relative’s gown will not work unless the attire meets the exact requirements for each degree.

Additional ornamentation: Honor medallions are worn only by those students graduating in the University Honors Program (medallions are provided at the ceremony.) Kente stoles also are approved. Any additional ornamentation must receive prior approval by the University Commencement Committee.

Bachelor and Master level attire may be purchased and picked up at the University Book Store during normal hours.

Each student will receive a tassel of appropriate color based upon their school or college. Students with two degrees may purchase the extra tassel, but only one tassel may be worn during the ceremony.

The colors associated with the different disciplines are as follows:

  • Agriculture - Maize
  • Journalism - Crimson
  • Philosophy - Dark Blue
  • Arts, Letters General Studies - White
  • Law - Purple
  • Physical Education - Sage Green
  • Business and Commerce - Drab
  • Library Science - Lemon
  • Public Administration - Peacock Blue
  • Economics - Copper
  • Medicine - Green
  • Science - Golden Yellow
  • Education - Light Blue
  • Music - Pink
  • Social Work - Citron
  • Fine Arts - Brown
  • Nursing - Apricot
  • Speech - Silver Grey
  • Forestry - Russet
  • Pharmacy - Olive Green
  • Theology - Scarlet

Doctor of Education and Doctor of Pharmacy attire may be purchased through the University Book Store during normal business hours.

Doctor of Jurisprudence degree recipients must order caps and gowns as soon as possible as these are rentals.

If students are unable to purchase/rent attire in the University Book Store, the commencement attire also may be shipped. Please contact the book store at or you call (515) 274-3401 or (800) 430-9875.

Pricing information for the Spring 2015 ceremony:

Bachelor Degree (Purchase) Cap, Gown, and Tassel $33.00

Master Degree (Purchase) Cap, Gown, Hood, and Tassel $67.00

Doctor of Pharmacy (Purchase) Tam, Gown, Hood, and Tassel $107.50

Doctor of Education (Purchase) Tam, Gown, Hood, and Tassel $107.49

Doctor of Jurisprudence (Rental) Tam, Gown, Hood, and Tassel $80.00

(6% sales tax is included price)

We suggest you get your purchase attire by April 10th to ensure proper sizing.

Please contact the University Book Store if you have any questions regarding academic attire.