May 2016 Commencement Program

Please see the updated PDF of the commencement program here: May 2016 Commencement Program

Please review each element of the program closely—including the honors sections, as you will be held accountable to your review (if there is an error in the final program and you did not notify us, we will not reprint the program).

Students, please take some time to proof read the program for the following:

  1. Full names; middle names/initials based on your preference
  2. Degree and major titles; minors and concentrations are not printed
  3. Home town/city: (Undergraduates and Pharmacy) note: if the city is in Iowa, only the city name will be listed—not “Iowa”
  4. Previous degree & institution information (Graduates and Law)
  5. Honors information: Latin honors and honor societies are posted on the program now (valid as of the Fall 2015 Semester), please review

This will be the last time you will see the commencement program before it goes to print for the commencement weekend. If there is something you would like updated, please email with the corrections by Tuesday, April 26th, 2016.

Please send me updates as soon as you are aware of them. Due dates for the subsequent versions are as follows:

  1. Updates due by:    Tuesday, April 5th
  2. Updates due by:    Thursday, April 14th
  3. Updates due by:    Tuesday, April 26th (Last Chance)

Please contact if your attendance plans have changed since you submitted your graduation application as the seating charts for the ceremonies will be created with this information.

If we don't know you're coming to commencement, you will not have a seat.


I.  If you have not filed a graduation application by Monday, February 16th, there is no guarantee that your name will appear in the commencement program because of printing/proofreading deadlines.  Please file your application ASAP.  Your graduation application not only gets your name listed in the program, it also assures you a seat among the graduates from your college during the commencement ceremony and assures that the college will process your degree release in a timely manner. 

II.  According to a Faculty Senate ruling from Spring 2005, colleges will not be able to "release your degree" if you have an Incomplete grade (I) earned in any course from Spring 2005 to the present time. Until your degree is released, no diploma will be mailed and your transcript will not say you have graduated.   Keep this in mind as you complete this semester's work.

III.  Related to item II above, if all the work for your degree is not completed within 45 days after the end of the term your graduation term will be moved forward to the next term.  That is, if you are an anticipated May graduate but you still have outstanding work by June 29, 2016 your diploma and transcript will not say you are a May graduate. Your graduation date will be moved forward to August 2016.

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April 29, 2016
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