Commendations and Complaints

The Office of Student Records and Academic Information strives to deliver superior service to students, faculty, staff, and the general public.  Should you have a commendation or a complaint, we recommend the following:



While a simple “thank you” is always appreciated, you may wish to pursue more formal recognition.  If you would like our staff to receive official recognition for a job well done, please contact Associate Provost Melissa Sturm-Smith at  Your commendation will be appreciated and added to the individual's file.



In general, a complaint is defined as a concern that a policy or procedure has been incorrectly or unfairly applied or that inappropriate behavior or action has occurred. 

The first action is to discuss the problem with the staff member with which the issue originated.  If you feel the issue still has not been resolved, contact the person's immediate supervisor, who will review the issue with the staff member.  If you feel the issue still has not been resolved, you may contact Associate Provost Melissa Sturm-Smith at or 515-271-2835 to request an appointment.  Once these steps have been taken, a formal complaint may be recorded at the Drake University Student Complaint and Appeal Resources and Procedures site.

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June 26, 2017
Eric Saylor, professor of music history at Drake University, has published a new book that seeks to redeem a style of music that he says is gravely misunderstood and sorely underrated.