1. Submit a cross-enrollment tuition waiver (available at your home school's registrar's office) to your home school's registrar's office.

2. Deliver your signed tuition waiver to Drake University's Office of Student Records.

  • Ask your registrar's office to deliver it to us directly
  • We are located in Room 104, Old Main (on the corner of 25th and University)
  • If you'd like to speak with one of our staff members, please contact the office in advance to set up an appointment

3. We will review cross-enrollment requests using these standard registration policies:

  • If the course you requested has a pre-requisite or a registration restriction, including the 100 level course or above designation, that would otherwise make you ineligible for the course, we will contact you at the email address you provided us on your tuition waiver.
  • If the course you listed is full, we will try to cross-enroll you in your alternate choices, if you listed any on your waiver.
  • Once cross-enrollment is approved, you would become eligible to be registered at the same time as all other non-degree-seeking students.
  • There will be no tuition charges.  You will be allowed to take the course based on the full-time tuition paid at your home institution.  However, you are responsible for fees associated with the course.
University News
April 29, 2016
When Brytani Cavil addresses Drake University’s graduating class of 2016 as the top graduating senior, she aims to inspire more than her fellow students. She hopes to set an example for her two-year-old twins.