Registration for Senior Cititzens Auditing Courses

You are a senior citizen who wants to audit a class at a discounted tuition rate

Persons 62 years of age and older may attend any credit course for which they meet prerequisites (except applied instrumental instruction) if there is space available in the classroom, for a fee of $50 per credit hour. They are not assigned a grade, nor is their attendance entered on a permanent record.

To apply, eligible individuals may use the schedule of classes to determine which class is most appropriate and then submit a request for registration form‌ to the Office of Student Records. It may be necessary to provide documentation that any pre-requisites have been met.

University News
March 3, 2015
Drake University is proud to present the inaugural performance of the Jordan Concert Series featuring American pianist Edward Auer and his wife, Junghwa Moon Auer. The concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 9, in Sheslow Auditorium and is free and open to the public.