Applying Transfer Credits

Applying your transfer credits to your Drake record

Students: It is your responsibility to have the institution from which you took classes send an official transcript to directly to Drake.

For Current Students

  • Discuss with your college/school dean's office any non-Drake class(es) you wish to have transferred to Drake before taking them, if possible.
  • After you have completed your non-Drake class(es), contact the institution from which you took the credits and request an official transcript be sent to Drake at the following address:

Drake University
Student Records Office
2507 University Ave
Des Moines, IA 50311

  • Drake University will not accept transcripts that are faxed or delivered in person. Only transcripts that are mailed to Drake directly from the institution will be accepted.
  • Your transfer credits initially will be posted by the Student Records Office. However, your college/school dean's office has the ultimate determination regarding if/how your credits will apply to your program.
  • Once the Student Records Office has received your transcript and posted your credits, the transfer credits will appear on your unofficial transcript in Blueview. For information regarding how to view your unofficial transript, see the following section.

For Newly Admitted Students- Please follow the guidelines detailed in your admissions materials.

Checking your transfer credits in Blueview

  1. Log in to Blueview
  2. Click the Student Services tab
  3. Click the Transcripts link in the Academic Profile channel
  4. On the next page, use the following settings:
    • Transcript Level = All Levels
    • Transcript Type = Internal
  5. Click the submit button

Your entire unofficial Drake transcript will appear, including a brief summary of your academic profile, any credits that Drake has accepted from other institutions, credits that you have earned at Drake, and courses in progress at Drake.

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