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June 2010  Welcome to the Parent Tab of Drake University’s blueView portal.


Welcome to all of those parents of first year students who are joining us on the parent's tab of blueView for the first time.  We hope that your orientation session was informative and helped put your mind at ease as both you and your child make a transition to a new phase of your lives.   Surely there are many things going through students minds – perhaps they are still rejoicing in high school graduation.  Perhaps they are slightly melancholy thinking about all the summer activities they are spending with their high school friends and leaving them in the fall.  Many are working lots of hours to save spending money for college.   


You,  too, as parents, are having many mixed emotions.  As parents, we’re always so proud when we celebrate life’s milestones with our children and high school graduation is certainly one of them.  But now as you help your students prepare for college, you will also have to begin thinking about how you will behave, cope, transition, and function, with your child off to school.  Will you be calling them every day or wait for them to call you?  How will you fill the time you previously spent doing things with, or for, your child?  Will you be constantly worried that something “bad” is going to happen to them?  Or will you trust that you have raised your children well and push them out of the nest with confidence that Drake will be a good place for them to make their next developmental steps?   


Oh, so many transitions.  As we said many times during orientation, now is the time for your students to begin making decisions for themselves; a time for them to begin experimenting with who they will be as adults; a time for them to take mistakes (yes, they will make mistakes!), and a time for them to explore a wider world than was available to them in high school. 


As you reflect on these challenges with your child this summer I add this "thought piece" to your reflections.  Our colleagues at Southern Methodist University have put together this chart to help students explore “How Is College Different from High School?”   You and your child may be able to identify with some, if not all of the differences.  Pay particular attention to the ‘guiding principles’ at the end of each section.   Keep in mind that this piece is written for students at Southern Methodist University, so some of the references to resources may not apply. 


Beginning after summer orientations are finished (in late June) we will be using this Notes from Old Main space to provide information you may need to know as summer progresses.  Look for articles dealing with how to purchase books, electronic billing, roommate assignments, Drake's acceptance and application of Advanced Placement and transfer credits, Welcome weekend, and much, much more.  As the fall semester begins we will address issues such as homesickness, campus resources, study abroad, registration procedures and other instances of "how Drake does things!"


Again, we welcome you to the Drake family.



Margie M. Davidson

Director, Student Records and Academic Information



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