Drake University Cross-Enrollment Program



The cross-enrollment program is offered through the auspices of the Des Moines Higher Education Consortium (composed of Drake, Des Moines Area Community College, and Grand View University).  The program allows a limited number of full-time students from one institution to enroll in a class at one of the other institutions--with certain conditions.  Tuition charges at the host institution are waived, but the students are responsible for all books, supplies, and other fees charged by the host institution.


NOTE: Changes to the cross-enrollment program are in effect for the Fall 2009 semester.



  • The program is available only to undergraduates and is available only in the fall and spring semesters.

  • Drake students must be registered full-time (at least 12 credits) for the semester in which they want to cross-enroll.  Cross-enrolled students must maintain their full-time status at Drake for the semester in which they are cross-enrolled, or they are subject to getting billed tuition charges by DMACC/Grand View.

  • Eligible students may cross-enroll in only one class at either DMACC or Grand View per semester.

  • Other basic regulations for Drake students supersede cross-enrollment guidelines, including

    • Students must take the last 30 hours of their program at Drake.

    • Students are responsible for ensuring that the class in which they wish to cross-enroll will be acceptable to their program at Drake.

    • The credits earned at DMACC/Grand View will be reflected as transfer credit on the cross-enrolled students' official Drake transcript.

  • Students who are not eligible for cross-enrollment or who wish to take a class that is not available for cross-enrollment still are permitted to register for the class as a regular (not cross-enrolled) student.


Guidelines and Conditions

  • Cross-enrollment is available on a first come, first-served basis.  Students must follow the proper procedure to secure cross-enrollment status for each semester that they would like to cross-enroll.

  • The rules & requirements, policies, semester start & end dates, and other deadlines set forth by the host institution might be different than those at Drake.  Cross-enrolled students are responsible for knowing and complying with these policies and dates.

  • The cross-enrollment sign-up procedure (see below) does not guarantee enrollment at DMACC/Grand View.  It merely validates the students' eligibility for the program.

  • Maximums

    • 75 Drake students may cross-enroll at each institution per semester.

    • An eligible student may cross-enroll in only one class at either DMACC or Grand View per semester.

    • Two Drake students will be allowed to cross-enroll in a single section of a course at DMACC.  There is no limit to the number of Drake students allowed to cross-enroll in a single class at Grand View.

    • Students may enroll in a maximum of three credits per semester at DMACC.  Only classes that are three credits or fewer are available for cross-enrollment at DMACC.



  • Each institution reserves the right to exclude certain courses from the cross-enrollment program.  Restricted Grand View courses include nursing and certain education courses.  For a list of excluded DMACC courses, see the table below.

  • Students wishing to cross-enroll may not register as a regular student and then later request to be considered a cross-enrolled student.

  • Cross-enrollment status will be finalized by all institutions five business days before the start of each institution's semester.  No cross-enrollment changes, other than drops, may be made after this point.



The following DMACC courses are excluded from the cross-enrollment program*, beginning Fall 2009. 


*Students who wish to register for these classes may still do so as a "regular" DMACC student and should contact DMACC directly to apply/register.


All health sciences courses
All courses that are worth more than three credits
BUS185Business Law I
DHYAll courses
ECN120Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN130Principles of Microeconomics
FLF151Elementary French I
FLF241Intermediate French I
FLS151Elementary Spanish I
FLS152Elementary Spanish II
HIS112West Civ: Ancient to Early Mod
HIS113West Civ: Early Modern to Pres
HIS150U.S. History to 1877
HIS201Iowa History
HIS266The Civil War
MLTAll courses
PHY160General Physics I
PHY161General Physics II
PNNAll courses
PSY111Introduction to Psychology
SPC101Fund of Oral Communication
Grand View does not restrict any of its classes except for the classes that belong to their professional programs (nursing and education).



  1. Pre-Registration Planning:  Students who are interested in cross-enrolling should discuss their intentions with their advisor prior to registering for their Drake classes.
    • Students should ensure that the DMACC or Grand View class will be acceptable toward their degree program
    • Students should ensure that the DMACC or Grand View class is available for cross-enrollment.  See the table above for DMACC classes that are excluded from the cross-enrollment program.
    • Students should review the semester start & end dates, deadlines, and policies of DMACC/Grand View.  They might not be the same as those at Drake.
    • Cross-enrollment is not guaranteed, so students should have a back-up plan in case they cannot cross-enroll successfully.
  2. Registration at Drake:  Before requesting to cross-enroll, students should register at Drake as usual.  Click here for registration times.
  3. Submit a Tuition Waiver at the Student Records Office:  Once students are registered full-time at Drake for the semester in which they wish to cross-enroll, they should visit the Student Records Office at 104 Old Main to complete a tuition waiver ("cross-enrollment form").  This waiver does not guarantee the student's cross-enrollment, however it does verify the student's eligibility and must delivered to DMACC/Grand View to complete the registration process.  The waiver is the student's ticket to cross-enroll.
    • For DMACC Cross-Enrollment:
      • Students should be prepared to list the following information on the tuition waiver: subject, course number, and course reference number (CRN) of the class in which they wish to cross-enroll.
      • DMACC will publish its Fall 2009 schedule of classes on their web site here.
    • For Grand View Cross-Enrollment:
      • Students should be prepared to list the following information on the tuition waiver: subject, course number, and section number of the class in which they wish to cross-enroll.
      • Click here for the Grand View schedule of classes.
  4. Be Patient
    • For DMACC Cross-Enrollment:
      • In early June, Drake will send the completed forms to DMACC.
      • No earlier than June 9, DMACC will attempt to register each student individually for the course listed on the tuition waiver.  Forms will be processed in the order in which they were submitted to Drake.
      • If the registration is successful, DMACC will email the student with further instructions.
      • If the registration is not successful (due to a class that is full, for example), DMACC will email the student with notification of unsuccessful registration, and proceed with the next student's tuition waiver.
      • Students whom DMACC could not accommodate will be allowed to declare an alternate choice without filing additional paperwork by contacting Kevin Moenkhaus (kevin.moenkhaus@drake.edu or 271-3902) in the Student Records Office.  However, such requests will be placed 'at the end of the line.'  In other words, they will not be processed until all other pending cross-enrollment requests have been honored.
      • DMACC will continue this process until the 75-student limit is reached.
    • For Grand View Cross-Enrollment:
      • Cross-enrollment candidates must deliver their completed tuition waiver in person to the Grand View Registrar's Office.
      • Cross-enrollment candidates must contact Jodie Jackson, Secretary to the Registrar at Grand View (515-263-2960), to set up an appointment in advance.
      • Grand View reserves the right to schedule appointments at their discretion; therefore appointments may be deferred until later in the summer.
  5. Follow-Up:  Students are responsible for establishing and maintaining a connection with the host institution.
    • Obtain host institution ID number, log-in information, email address, etc.
    • Obtain books and materials for the host-institution class.
    • Attend and participate in the host-institution class.
  6. End-of-Term Wrap-Up:  After final grades have been submitted, each institution will exchange official transcripts for the cross-enrolled students.
    • Cross-enrolled students will not need to submit a request to have their DMACC or Grand View transcript sent to Drake.  Each school will do this automatically.
    • Check whether your credits have been posted to your Drake record by viewing your unofficial transcript.  For more information about how to do this in Blueview, click here.


For more information about the cross-enrollment program, contact Kevin Moenkhaus in the Student Records Office at kevin.moenkhaus@drake.edu or 515-271-3902.

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