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Prior to the start of each semester you may do drop/add transactions via MYDUSIS.

On the first day of each semester MYDUSIS drop/add functions are turned off and you need to do any class dropping or adding with a drop add slip which is available in either your college office or the Office of Student Records (105 Old Main).

You have the first 5 days of each semester to add a class (by getting the instructor's signature and your advisor's signature on an add slip) and the first 10 days of each semester to drop a class (by getting the instructor's signature and your advisor's signature).  Within this first 10 days time period your dropping of a class will not show on your transcript.  The signed drop/add slip is to be turned in to your College office for processing.

For drop/add guidelines for summer semester see the summer session webpage.


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University News
October 20, 2016
The Comparison Project will present the third event in its 2016–2017 series on death and dying. A community interfaith dialogue on Oct. 27 will feature representatives of three different refugee religions in Des Moines.