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Going abroad isn't limited to your time at Drake. Once you graduate there are still many opportunities to see the world and do something meaningful. Plus, it lets you say "Well, when I lived in China helping earthquake victims..." during a job interview.

Working Abroad

Work opportunties can range from hospitality services in New Zealand to business development in Brazil.  The organizations listed below provide assistance in locating an international job, and acquiring a visa. For many international jobs, no foreign language is necessary, but when it is required foreign language training is usually provided.

  • Improve your resume and get interview tips from Drake Professional & Career Development Services. Set up an appointment or attend a re-entry work shop to see what resources are available for you to make the most out of your experience or go abroad again!
  • The Peace Corps is a very unique program funded by the US government to promote cross cultural understanding. American citizens are invited to a foreign country to work in anything from education, information technology, agriculture, or business. You are compensated at the local level during your assignment, and you get a re-adjustment bonus upon your return to the States.
  • BUNAC offers several options for students wanting to work abroad. France, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Ireland are all offered through this program. These are usually short term or summer programs, great for students who want a short and different jaunt abroad.
  • Another great source if you want to get 'maverick-y' is to apply on your own. In that case, you might want to check out MyWorldAbroad.  Drake students can register for free! MyWorldAbroad is an extensive resource for those seeking to maximize the career value of their time abroad.  It is packed with 4,000 searchable resources, 300 expert articles and inspiring student stories. 

Teaching Abroad 

Your students will range from Japanese government officials to Chilean high-schoolers and anything in between. For the English teaching programs, students in any major can apply provided you have native level English fluency. Subject specific programs such as the Peace Corps usually require experience or a degree in the subject you wish to teach.

  • Teach in China is a Drake-sponsored program that allows Drake (and a few select other college's) graduates to go to one of our 10 partner Chinese universities and middle schools. The program includes orientation, ESL techniques, and Chinese language instruction. You will also get a salary, travel allowance, housing, and insurance
  • The Fulbright program is another great option for teaching or doing research abroad. Contact Dr. Zeff in the Politics Department for more information.
  • The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program is administered by the Japanese government and gives American college graduates the opportunity to go to Japan on a teaching exchange. During the exchange you may work as either an Assistant Language Teacher, or Coordinator of International Relations. No Japanese ability is required for the teaching. The coordinator position, however requires advanced Japanese skills. Participants are are provided airfare, insurance, and a salary of ¥3,360,000. Any major can apply and no teaching experience is necessary.
  • Almost every aspect of the Peace Corps involves teaching. Some are dedicated school teaching assignments such as math, science, or English teaching, while others involve more grassroots education such as teaching HIV/AIDS, environment, agriculture, or information technology to the community
  • CIEE Teach Abroad in China, Chile, Spain, or Thailand would love to have you teaching their elementary though college students. You can spend between 1 and 2 semesters there experiencing the culture and teaching students. You are compensated at or above the local level, and orientation and teaching/cultural training are provided on-site. In addition CIEE staff are available in the country.
  • ESL Cafe or Dave's ESL Cafe-- Pretty much lists every teaching job out there!

Volunteering Abroad

Get that warm feeling from volunteering your time and effort, but with the benefit of experiencing cultures around the world! Assignments range from 1 to 17 weeks and the nature of the assignment can be anything from childcare to women's empowerment to environmental tourism.

Learning Abroad

Consider earning your graduate degree, or furthering your professional studies overseas! 

  • IPSL Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is offered through Portland State University, and focuses on International Service-Learning and Leadership. Students have the opportunity to go to either Jamaica or Mexico. The Program incorporates volunteerism and homestays.
  • International Grad School has information that can help you search for an international grad school by field of study, location or institution. It also has information about financing graduate school and graduate school abroad. Below are many sites in the same vein as this website and either cater to the entire world or to a specific country.
  • Peace Corps Master's International lets you combine a Peace Corps Assignment with graduate school. You apply to a participating grad school and the Peace Corps at the same time, once you are accepted, you begin grad school and prepare for your Peace Corps assignment, which may be either a thesis or a project.
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