Applying To Come To Drake on Exchange


In order to study at Drake University as an exchange student, you must apply by April 1 (for fall arrival) or October 1 (for spring arrival).

A completed exchange application includes:

Law Students must also submit:

***NOTE: Your application will not be considered complete or reviewed until all of the above documents are received. Additional instructions are included within the Exchange Application itself.

Applicants must also submit the Proof of Finances for Exchange, though this can be received after the other application documents.

All materials should be sent to:

    Stephanie Dana
    International Partnerships and Customized Programs Coordinator
    Drake University
    2507 University Ave.
    Des Moines, IA  50311
    Phone: 515-271-3075
    Fax: 515-271-4588


Receiving Immigration Documents

In addition to the application requirements listed above, exchange applicants must also submit a Proof of Finances for Exchange. This form provides necessary information about how you will cover the costs of attending Drake University. Once this form is received, Drake will create your DS-2019 form that will support your procurement of the J-1 visa.

Today at Drake
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
University News
August 2, 2017
Fifty Des Moines Public Schools students will participate in a week-long symposium at Drake University to discuss the unique challenges that students of color face when preparing for college.