International Internships

If you are interested in working for a multinational company or local organization in another country, you should consider taking on an internship while studying abroad. An international internship is a great way to build your résumé and show employers that you are capable of working in diverse and challenging environments, an ability much sought after in today’s global economy. Many Drake students have participated in internships abroad with international and local companies.

Internships may be in addition to coursework taken abroad or in place of it. Internships abroad generally count for credit, but the majority are unpaid. Many internships have separate applications, prerequisites, and GPA requirements from the program you may be applying to. In most cases, the internships are set up by the program provider but will include an in-country interview to establish the exact nature of the internship or the company/NGO/government office with which you will be interning. Not all program providers offer the possibility of internships, but the ones that do are listed below along with links to their sites and examples of internship areas.

International Education of Students (IES)

  • IES offers internships in art/theater, education, law, social organization, politics, business and science. Internships are available across the European Union, in Australia, South American and Asia.

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)

  • AIFS's internship program in Australia is taken in place of coursework in the country and is with any number of Australian companies.
  • The London and Beijing internship programs are taken along with coursework in the host country. Internship placements range from pharmaceutical companies to talent agencies and anything in between. The opportunities change from year to year, so be sure to select the semester you are applying for.

Central College Abroad (CCA)

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN)

  • TEAN has a China internship program that is taken in place of regular coursework. The program is in either Beijing or Shanghai. Knowledge of Mandarin is not required and supplemental language instruction is available before the start of the internship.
  • TEAN also offers internship placements in Australia. These internships would be in addition to normal study abroad coursework. Most internships are in Sydney, but others are available in Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane.

Butler University Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA)

  • IFSA offers internship programs in Australia, Chile, England, New Zealand, Ireland, and Scotland. The programs vary in their focus but all are offered in addition to courses taken. All of the internships, except the Scottish Parliamentary Internship are placements through the University where courses are taken.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

  • CIEE has internship opportunities across Africa and Europe and in Australia and Costa Rica. There is no specific area for the internships, but there are only a limited number of internships spots on each program so apply early. To find internship information, select the country, select academics, and then the internship tab.


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