International Exchange

Clermont Ferrand, France // Two Exchange Partners

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Universite d'Auvergne
University and Community Overview:
  • 11,500 students
  • 650 teaching staff
  • 12% international students from 100 countries


Subject Areas of Interest:
  • Business, Economics, and Law

  • Courses will be taught in French
  • Intermediate or Advanced French language proficiency is required
  • Intensive French language study may be arranged prior to enrollment through CAVILAM, in Vichy.

Exchange duration:
  • Semester or full year, direct enrollment


Drake resources (people who’ve been there!):

Mary Edrington, Marketing (
Tom Root, Finance (
Gretchen Beckley, International Programs (

Universite Blaise Pascal
University Overview
  • 14,000 students
  • 1,800 international students from 266 partner universities
Subject Areas of Interest
  • psychology, sport physiology, literature, language, technology, education, business, humanities, computer science, earth science, medicine, math, physics, and engineering
  • Includes research programs in the sciences


Exchange Duration and Language Information
  • Semester or full year, direct enrollment (classes taught in French)
  • Intermediate French proficiency required
  • Intensive French courses offered


Drake Resources (people you can contact who’ve been there)
  • Gretchen Beckley, International Programs (



University News
March 28, 2017
The Judith A. Lindquist Scholarship for Women MBAs covers up to half the cost of tuition for current and incoming Drake M.B.A. students who are unable to participate in a tuition reimbursement program through their employer.