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Paperless Initiative

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Paperless Initiative

Drake University strives to be a paperless institution by the year 2015. To do this, we have already taken several steps in the right direction to reduce the amount of paper we use and to be more responsible with the resources we do consume.


Paper Reduction

Throughout the past several years, various departments across Drake’s campus have committed themselves to reducing the amount of paper they use, allowing Drake to save countless trees. 

  • Drake Athletics has converted to electronic schedules, itineraries and media guides, which saves 692,640 sheets of paper annually. 
  • Drake Dining has recently installed new LCD screens for menus, advertisements and announcements. 
  • The Office of Residence Life has switched over to electronic ballots and evaluations instead of using paper copies.
  • Many professors now post handouts online through Blackboard or E-Reserves, eliminating the copies they would need to make for each student.

Responsible Printing

While it is our goal to become completely paperless, we realize that certain occasions may necessitate printing. However, just because we print does not mean we can disregard our environment. When we must print, we strive to do so in the least harmful manner.

  • The Office of Marketing and Communications uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, assuring our paper is from a legal and sustainable source of timber.
  • Soy-based inks are used in all of Drake’s marketing to reduce the harmful toxins found in regular inks.
  • Students are provided with the contact for a poster company that specializes in recycled paper and soy-based inks. Student organizations can use this company for their event posters.


All Drake University billing statements are paperless. Students receive notification on their Drake University assigned email when their statement will be available to view. The statement can be accessed in blueView on the Student Services Tab, My Drake Account Channel. This channel will show the account at that time, as well as the most current statement. Students who have questions regarding E-Bill can contact the Office of Student Accounts. Students are now able to pay online via credit card. The payment is posted automatically to their tuition account. Other vital information available is the 1098-T tax notice that is now online; no more paper tax notifications will be mailed. The tax form as well as account information is available 24/7.

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