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Pollution from driving is one of the main contributors to global warming. Drake has examined many solutions to decrease the use of personal cars to reduce our impact on the environment. 


Many students at Drake come with their own personal vehicle. With so many cars on campus, it’s difficult to find ways to discourage students from using them. Fortunately, Drake University was able to provide all Drake students and staff with a free pass on the DART Bus system that can take them all over Des Moines (subsidized by the University). By simply showing their Drake Card, students can get on the bus for free at any time.

University Vehicles

In our operation, Drake has to use several vehicles, but we have attempted to reduce the impact that may be caused from traditional vehicular operation. To reduce our carbon footprint, our facilities team uses four electric golf carts.  Also, all of Drake’s lawn mowers run on bio-diesel, a cleaner, renewable source of energy.


Drake has recently invested in more bike racks around campus. This increase has helped to encourage even more students to ride bikes onto campus instead of driving their cars. The number of people on bikes has risen as a result of the new racks.

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