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Email Signature Guidelines

To create the email signature:

  • Make a rule using the underscore key.
  • Enter your contact information in the following strutured format:

    First line: Name, Designation (optional)
    Second line: Title, Office name
    Third line: Division (if applicable)
    Fourth line: Drake University
    Fifth line: T (two spaces) Phone number
    (Can add a C for cell number under phone if desired)
    Sixth line: E (two spaces) Email
    Seventh line: W (two spaces) Website address

  • Make text and rule Drake blue by going to “text color” and selecting RGB sliders. Plug in R:0 G:47 B:108. (If only hex color is available, use #004477)
  • Make text "Bold" and select the websafe font, Helvetica size 12.
  • Cut and paste this into the “Edit signature” area of your email.

Additional Note:

  • Use hyphens between numbers for phone and cells info.
  • Do not use art in your email signature per ITS.
  • Do not use personal phrases or poems in your email signature.


Griff A. Bulldog, MUT'15
Director of Bulldogs, University Communications
University Advancement
Drake University
T  515-271-9999
C  515-123-4567
E  griff.bulldog@drake.edu
W  drake.edu/livemascot

Today at Drake
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
University News
October 19, 2017
Drake senior Morayo Adeyoju, a native of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, shares his cultural history as part of an art exhibition on display through Oct. 22 in The Anderson Gallery. Adeyoju's grandfather was a king of the Yoruba tribe.