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Email Signature Guidelines

To create the email signature:

  • Make a rule using the underscore key.
  • Enter your contact information in the following strutured format:

    First line: Name, Designation (optional)
    Second line: Title, Office name
    Third line: Division (if applicable)
    Fourth line: Drake University
    Fifth line: T (two spaces) Phone number
    (Can add a C for cell number under phone if desired)
    Sixth line: E (two spaces) Email
    Seventh line: W (two spaces) Website address

  • Make text and rule Drake blue by going to “text color” and selecting RGB sliders. Plug in R:0 G:47 B:108. (If only hex color is available, use #004477)
  • Make text "Bold" and select the websafe font, Helvetica size 12.
  • Cut and paste this into the “Edit signature” area of your email.

Additional Note:

  • Use hyphens between numbers for phone and cells info.
  • Do not use art in your email signature per ITS.
  • Do not use personal phrases or poems in your email signature.


Griff A. Bulldog, MUT'15
Director of Bulldogs, University Communications
University Advancement
Drake University
T  515-271-9999
C  515-123-4567
E  griff.bulldog@drake.edu
W  drake.edu/livemascot

Today at Drake
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University News
November 15, 2017
Nicholas Roth, professor of piano at Drake University, will present the next concert in the Keys to Excellence series. The Nov. 27 concert also features Drake senior Pablo Valladeras.