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Campus Signage Standards

Campus signage falls into two categories: institutional and simple. Institutional signage has set design and substrate specifications, many of which are embossed or engraved. These items take six to eight weeks to fulfill and will be ordered on a quarterly basis to create efficiencies in installation charges. Bulk ordering will greatly reduce installation costs for the University. Simple signage includes laser or vinyl art on plastic, vinyl, foam core or an equivalent substrate.

Institutional Signage:

  • Building identity signs (vehicular and pedestrian)
  • Parking lot signs
  • Olmsted lot signs
  • Pedestrian street/directional signs
  • Wayfinding kiosks
  • Donor recognition plaques and signs:
    Recognizing the generosity of donors to Drake University through naming rights and plaques is integral to donor stewardship. Identified buildings and assets serve as a visual reminder of the impact of philanthropy across the Drake campus.

Simple Signage:
Other signage needs that do not fit into the above categories include:

  • Existing signage
  • Signage repairs
  • Building-specific needs (such as room numbers)

How to Request:

Use the Signage Request Form to request signage. This form can also be found on the Facilities website (www.drake.edu/facility).

Fill out this form completely and have your budget manager email it to Jolene Schmidt in Facilities. The budget manager's email provides FOAPAL authorization for the purchase, a requirement by Drake's Accounting Department. Facilities will then obtain approved art from University Communications. Facilities will be the driver of the project and contact with the vendor.

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