New Student Information

Message from Melissa Sturm-Smith,
Interim Vice Provost, Academic Excellence and Student Success

First-year students will begin their collegiate journey this fall, and it is important that parents/guardians are aware of what is planned to assist students with their transition to Drake.

Welcome Weekend Objectives:
help students become better acquainted with other new and returning students
learn more about campus resources
interact with faculty and staff before classes begin

Differences between Welcome Weekend and Orientation
New students are encouraged to view Welcome Weekend as the beginning of their fall semester, even though the first day of class is not until Monday, August 27, 2012. Students are expected to attend all Welcome Weekend activities. They will interact with and get to know other students, particularly those in their First Year Seminar (FYS) and learn what it means to be an engaged and responsible member of diverse community. It is especially important that students attend their college or school meeting on Thursday, August 23. The focus of their college or school meeting will be college-specific information and interactions with faculty and staff.

Importance of Peer Mentor/Academic Consultants
Students’ Welcome Weekend experience will be enhanced by interactions with their Peer Mentor/Academic Consultant (PMAC). Peer Mentor/Academic Consultants are upper-class student volunteers assigned to FYS groups. They begin communicating with students during the summer and continue throughout the fall semester. Basis on research findings and past experiences, we believe that peer-to-peer interactions with an emphasis on students' academic success and personal development are particularly important to overall growth and development during the first year in college.

Welcome Weekend Activities and Important Information


Since Welcome Weekend is for students and the activities begin on Wednesday evening, August 22, parents/guardians should be prepared to return home on Wednesday after getting students settled in their new environment.


Please take a few moments to read the message to students regarding Welcome Weekend.

 I look forward to working with our new students throughout the year at Drake. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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University News
April 15, 2014
Drake University’s Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship (PFGCGC) will host a discussion on the Keystone XL Pipeline initiative in collaboration with the Iowa Energy Forum. General James Jones, a former national security advisor, will discuss the benefits of the pipeline initiative.