Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor requires students to complete 18 credit hours of coursework. Fifteen of these credit hours must be in Spanish and above the 051-level.  At least nine of these 15 credit hours must be earned through upper-level courses. Of these nine upper-level credit hours, at least six must be completed at Drake. The Chair of WLC must approve courses taken abroad or at other U.S. institutions of higher education.


Objective One: Students will demonstrate linguistic and culture competence.
Objective Two: Students will demonstrate critical–thinking skills in the Spanish courses taken in fulfillment of the minor’s requirements.

Required Coursework

Courses that may count toward the minor include:
• SPAN 052 Intermediate Spanish II
• SPAN 140 Practical Speaking and Writing
• SPAN 150 Topics (may be repeated with a different topic)
• SPAN 151 National Identity
• SPAN 152 Film
• SPAN 153 Multilingual Societies
• SPAN 160 Language and Literature
• SPAN 165 Spanish for Healthcare Providers*


In addition to 15 hours of Spanish, three credit hours must be earned by completing WLC 148 – Intercultural Communication or an approved equivalent as determined by the Director of WLC.
(A minimum grade of “C” must be earned in each course required for the minor.)

Students who test into Spanish 140 or higher must nevertheless complete 15 hours in Spanish. They cannot get credit for courses numbered below the level into which they place.

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