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Drake University 2017 Mandela Washington Fellows

Khadija Sall


Khadija Sall is a water engineer who founded WATER LEAF, a company that offers industries, farms, and institutions a way to treat their effluent waste. Her organization provides efficient ways to reduce water consumption with specific solutions for each type of effluent. She is a defender of women's rights and is an environmental activist currently working as the Coordinator of an NGO based in Dakar. Her goal is to reduce by 90% the amount of untreated effluent put in the environment each year in West Africa.



Carlos Amaku


Amaku Charles Andresile has over eight years of experience in health services leadership and management with special focus on private medical care practice. Charles is the founder and Director of Carlos Medical Centers, where he focuses on establishing a chain of private medical care centers and healthcare leadership training institutions. Charles won the Pakasa Young Entrepreneur Award in 2016 and was recognized by Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation Uganda as the Best Treatment and Care Officer 2015 for its West Nile Region HIV/AIDS Program. Currently, Charles is completing his Master's Degree in Public Health from Uganda Martyrs University, where he is majoring in Population and Reproductive Health. Charles has a very strong passion for the health of the community and he would like to see healthy communities with economic liberty. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to continue his work in increasing access to affordable and quality medical care services in rural areas and identify more opportunities to invest in the healthcare services delivery.



Elizabeth Kasujja


Elizabeth Kasujja has over five years of experience in the health sector of Uganda. Currently, she's Co-Founder and CEO at Clear Your Mind, where they build technologies focused on mitigating the mental health illness of depression before it becomes chronic. They also raise awareness about mental health within Ugandan communities to contribute to reduction of the stigmatization of mentally ill or depressed people. Elizabeth has certifications in Public Health from John Hopkins and Bloomberg University of Public Health and is currently pursuing a diploma in Psychology. She is passionate about technology and the power it has to transform the health sector. The bulk of her work as Clear Your Mind CEO involves development, review and refinement of the company's business strategy and execution of that strategy to obtain a leading position in the marketplace. She has chosen the path of entrepreneurship within the health sector because health is what makes everything else relevant. In that regard, she desires to make a big difference where it matters most. She's an innovative business leader and upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Elizabeth plans to continue her work raising awareness of mental health.



Chibuike Christopher Alagboso


Chibuike Alagboso has over three years of experience in the media and development sector with a special interest in social entrepreneurship. Currently, Chibuike is the co-founder and Operations Officer at where he leverages his health background and passion for ICT to lead a team of dedicated journalists to advocate for universal health coverage in Nigeria. He is also the founder of, a local media organization that mentors young people to become change agents using storytelling. Chibuike is passionate about volunteering and currently, serves as the Country Coordinator for the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning. He leads a team of youths to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people in Nigeria. Chibuike holds a Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science and certificates in business and entrepreneurship, management, data journalism and statistical analysis for health research. He is committed to using media and technology as tools for driving socio-economic development in Nigeria. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Chibuike plans to continue his work in the media and development sector by restructuring his mentor's match project and launching the first co-working hub in his community.



Chioma Ukonu


Chioma Ukonu has over five years of experience in the social enterprise sector, specifically focusing on waste recycling. Currently, Chioma is the Co-Founder and COO of RecyclePoints Nigeria, where she focuses on enabling post-consumers, especially low income households, create value from their everyday waste.Chioma holds a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Physics from the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria and a certificate in Social Sector Management from the Pan Atlantic University Lagos Nigeria. Chioma is driven by her commitment to pioneer and sustain a waste recycling revolution in Nigeria and Africa at large. She hopes that someday anyone that can generate waste can recycle it and get compensation for it through RecyclePoints. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Chioma plans to continue her work in RecyclePoints, fostering a circular economy with a focus on Environmental Sustainability, women's empowerment, youth employment, community engagement, and poverty eradication.



Asher Adesina Adeniyi


Asher Adeniyi has leadership experience in both his career and in community service. He has over five years experience leading strategy and innovation at Nigeria's biggest marketing operations company. Presently, he leads Gidijobs Nigeria, the Lagos office of Gidijobs. He is focused on achieving Gidijobs' mission of reducing the unemployment rate to single digits by 2025. Asher has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University and is presently studying for his master's degree at the University of Liverpool, UK. Asher works to provide employability solutions and skills to young people while contributing to the economic and general development of Nigeria. After MWF, Asher plans to continue his work with Nigerian youth at university campuses while leading Gidijobs.



Sarah Sangara

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sarah Sangara is a computer scientist with more than five years of experience in private enterprise as well as in the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). She currently works as an Information System Technician for MONUSCO. Sarah also runs a catering business, Saveur Divine, that she founded with the purpose of revolutionizing the catering industry and fighting poverty by offering temporary employment to the youth and illiterate women in her home town. A born leader with a strong character, Sarah never let her challenging environment or gender dictate her achievement. She studied bio-chemistry in high school and, despite the many stereotypes of women, she managed to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Kigali independent University (ULK). It gave her the opportunity to be the only national staff woman working in the information technology department in her region in the UN. Upon completion of Mandela Washington fellowship, Sarah endeavors to focus on agribusiness, especially in coffee, soy oil and mushroom production in order to continue to fight poverty and unemployment and ensure food safety in her region.



Isaac Adjei


Isaac K. Adjei has worked with the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) for over four years. He serves as Assistant Secretary General and has participated in several international trainings in private sector growth strategies, enterprise development, and labor market information systems. He also started a new business, Zenith Business Development Consultants, Incorporated. His enterprise is a business development consultancy service for micro, small, and medium enterprises. Isaac works with private sector enterprises, international partners, and relevant authorities of the Government of Liberia, through advocacy, leadership training, and private sector representation.



Stephen-Chiunjira-for-YALIStephen Chiunjira


Having seen a dead dog thrown into a stream close to where Stephen Chiunjira was staying in Kawale Township, Lilongwe city, Stephen formed a non – profit organization called Our World International ( where he is building a holistic, sustainable, all – embracing, effective and efficient waste management system across Lilongwe city through recycling, reusing, reducing, refusing and retrieving waste by educating people on the dangers and benefits of waste, by creating various entrepreneurial opportunities from the waste as well as by holding clean up exercises.

As a passionate social entrepreneur, Stephen runs HB Business Consultancy (, published a motivational book titled, “You Have What It Takes” in the United Kingdom ( He is currently setting up Broadway International Academy (

Stephen Chiunjira is Total Malawi’s 2016 First Edition of Startupper of the Year Challenge Award. All his businesses and activities are tripartite in nature; to glorify God, to empower people and to add value to the environment.



Frederic Compaora

Burkina Faso

Frederic Compaora, an engineer in water and environment, has been managing his own business called Sustainable Development Artisan (SDA) since October 2014. Here, he offers sanitation services, public health service, and environmental risks assessment. At the same time, his a Ph.D. candidate in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and is focusing on water-related diseases, schistosomiasis in particular, in Burkina Faso. Frederic is an active member of many organizations such as Youth Network for Integration in Africa, Lions' Club Ouagadougou Esperance, Ancient Troops Children Association, and National Coordination of Youth for Environment and Climate. Through these organizations, Frederic works to improve people lives through donations, peace and tolerance promotion, environmental actions, education for health and many other activities to improve community development. He is very committed to sustainable development. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Frederic will have enough skills to extend his business and to contribute to developing the abilities of all his colleagues through the organizations where he is a member.



Fikru Aragaw


Fikru Aragaw has over ten years' experience in the automotive engineering sector and entrepreneurship. Currently, Fikru owns and manages his own company, Meri Publishers, focusing on publishing books on driver's education and automotive technology. He also volunteers and runs a community service project called 'Road Safety for Children', which is focused on training elementary school students about road safety and carefulness. Fikru holds a bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology from Adama Science and Technology University. Fikru is passionate about this sector because Ethiopia has one of the highest traffic accident rates in the world. Upon his return from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fikru plans to expand his business and also influence the government to introduce road safety programs in curriculum for elementary schools.



Thabang Simon Mabuza

South Africa

Thabang Mabuza is a Standard Bank Rising Star Awards Entrepreneur Finalist, the CEO at South African Airways Technical, Advisory Board Member at Common Purpose, and founder at Ulwazi Resource and Lion's Den Global. Thabang considers himself a social entrepreneur who is passionate about creating spaces for young people to collaborate and co-create. He is a 2013 Brightest Young Mind leader and an ambassador for a network of Activate Change Drivers. He is also an external consultant for the World Economic Forum in Africa and Switzerland.



Wafa Elamin


Wafa Elamin is a medical doctor from Khartoum, Sudan. In 2015, she ventured into the entrepreneurial world and founded her first company, Zol and Zola. Zol and Zola is a youth based educational and cultural platform. Over the past year, they have trained over 1,000 men and women; hosted 50 events and incubated 5 other start-up companies within its platform. Wafa is passionate about economic prosperity in Africa and believes the future looks bright for its youth. Wafa aspires to make Zol and Zola a household name and help it become a powerful social platform across the African continent and beyond.



Dorine Orchydee Mekame


Dorine Orchydee Mekame has over seven years of experience in private and public management focusing on business administration. Currently, Dorine is an Assistant Advisor to the Prime Minister's Office. After four years of experience in the private sector within an Israeli multinational specialized in power station construction and security equipment implementation, she created her own company of services, Services Prestiges International. In addition to her position at the Prime Minister's office, she's managing her own company of services whose main activities are business creation, branding, and public relations.Dorine holds a master's degree in Business Administration, with a focus in the management of public and private companies. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington fellowship, Dorine plan to grow her company and continue her commitment by focusing on young girls' mentoring and social entrepreneurship through her NGO Angelys.



Joe Dalton


Joseph Nyambura has over two years' experience in entrepreneurship, with a focus in business management. Currently, Joseph is the founder and CEO of Cleanstar Co. Ltd which manufactures bar soap from waste cooking oils. His soaps lather with hard water, which makes them last longer and is more affordable to low-income earners. He is the founder of Somesha Ward initiative, where he works in promoting quality education in rural areas and informal settlements. Joseph holds Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Kenyatta University, Kenya, where he focused on organizational and criminal psychology. He is a Yali E.A fellow in Business and Entrepreneurship. Joseph desires to reduce pollution from waste oils through recycling. He is committed to establishing quality and affordable soap to the community, eradicating poverty through creating employment and empowering young people through business coaching. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Joseph plans to continue developing his startup company, work to reduce disposal of waste oils to the environment, and eradicate unemployment among the youths.



Kevin Shikuku


Kevin Shikuku has three years of experience in communicable and noncommunicable disease control and environmental sanitation. Shikuku holds a Diploma in Public Health Sciences from Kenya Medical Training College from Kenya. Currently, he works as a marketing officer for Mats Massive Marketing Company where he focuses on marketing strategies, tendering process, designing activities in the organization.During his free time, Shikuku focuses on environmental sanitation and common disease control where he hopes one day these issues will come to end. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Shikuku plans to continue his work in marketing and diseases and environmental sanitation through advocacy in Kenyan rural communities.



Jennifer Shigoli

United Republic of Tanzania

Jennifer Shigoli has over four years' experience in business planning and development, specifically focusing on manufacturing. Currently, Jennifer is the CEO and Founder of Malkia Investments Company, where she manufactures a global supply of cost effective reusable sanitary pads branded ELEA. Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree in law from Tumaini University, Dar-Es-Salaam College. Jennifer is committed to helping women and girls break the barriers that menstruation creates in their lives by providing affordable sanitary care for girls in need, and jobs for local women in Tanzania. Upon the completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jennifer plans to continue her work to empower these young girls and women to foster sustainable practices, while also removing the barriers to education caused by this issue and enhance the lives of future generations.



Dommy Silayo

United Republic of Tanzania

Domitila has over five years of experience in business and entrepreneurship with a focus on manufacturing, product development, and marketing. Currently, Domitila is the Executive Director of Makopo Poa, where she handles overall management of plastics collection and recycling. Domitila holds an MBA from Mzumbe University where she focused on product operations and corporate management. Domitila is driven to make a positive impact to the community through cutting-edge products and services which have a central focus on sustainable development goals. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Domitila plans to further extend her business by developing a regional recycling pilot program.



Lesego Lesley Sikele


Dr. Lesego Lelsey Sikele is a medical doctor with over five years' experience in emergency medical services. He is currently the Health Services Manager at MRI Botswana Medical Rescue. He achieved his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and has recently completed a diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene through the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. His current responsibility involves running an integrated health care model consisting of five centers in Botswana. He is also involved in emergency work as flight doctor for MRI. Upon completion of the fellowship, Dr. Sikele aims to grow the Prime Health brand and continues to come up with ways to provide sustainable, quality, affordable health care to communities including, amongst other things, a helicopter emergency service that would be affordable and readily available to all patients who would benefit from the service.



Cyprian Chabvepi


Cyprian is a corporate and investments advisory services lawyer who has been in private legal practice for nine years with a leading commercial law firm in Zimbabwe. He has experience in raising capital and structuring deals, mergers, and acquisitions in transactions within the Southern African region. Cyprian sits on the boards of the fourth largest medical aid company in Zimbabwe and a forwarding and shipping logistics company. He is also a Board Chairperson for a non-profit charity organization that assists young girls with acquiring sanitary wear. He is also the company secretary for a leading luxury coach company operating in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Cyprian is founder and Chief Executive of Abraham Rich Capital (Private) Limited, which is a private equity and advisory services company focused on Africa. He is also an avid golf player.



Norman Matara


Norman Matara has over five years' experience working in community health promotion programs. Currently, Norman is the Treasurer of the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights, where he is directly involved in fundraising and implementing programs aimed at promoting the right to health in the country. Norman holds Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees from the University of Zimbabwe and a master's degree in Public Health from the University of Leeds. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Norman plans to continue working to come up with community-based solutions to promote the right to health of all Zimbabwean citizens.



Noma Ndlovu


Nomalanga Ndlovu is a Public Speaking Coach and founder of Outspoken, a communications and personal branding start-up. Outspoken focuses on training different organizations and entrepreneurs on personal branding, public speaking, and effective communication. Nomalanga believes effective communication allows people to connect and build mutual respect while also fostering conflict-free environments. With the that in mind, she is working hard to develop the gravitas to train politicians, members of parliament, and company executives. Her ultimate dream is to consult for African presidents in effective presentation and speech delivery. Nomalanga also sees her business facilitating strong networks of successful women from different sectors to mentor young women. To achieve this, she already works closely with several women's networks. Her main objective is to ensure that women discover their purpose and develop themselves as effective communicators in their different fields. She also sees her communication skills training incorporated into the national school curriculum. On completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Nomalanga plans to leverage and tap into American and African contacts made during the program. She plans to use her newly acquired skills to effectively run her business and develop it to an international standard.



Nosizwe Amanda Sigwane


Nosizwe Sigwane is a resolute young girl from a small village in Swaziland called Maphungwane. She has one year experience in the banking sector as her first job was working for Swazibank in Swaziland. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in statistics, from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, as numbers are her passion. Nosizwe is currently the program assistant for Innovation, Science and Technology for the African Union at AOSTI in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea: she is the co-founder of a youth cooperative called Lihlahlandlela(paving the way) society PTY LTD which focuses on food security, sustainability of the environment and business consultancy. Nosizwe is passionate about education and gives career guidance to the less privileged children - her dream is to go as far as supporting these children financially in their future academic endeavors. With the skills she will gain from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she will assist her organization to have sustainable entrepreneurial projects in agriculture, block yard and packaging of raw materials.



Fleur Alexia Mabingui

Central African Republic

Fleur Alexia Mabingui has one year of experience in the health sector. Currently, Fleur Alexia works at Hospital Communautaire as a General practitioner preparing for her master's in Gynecology and Obstetrics. She also volunteers with young women to educate them on the issue of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.Fleur Alexia holds a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Medicine from Central South University. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fleur Alexia plans to continue her work as a physician and open a medical equipment supply store that will help improve healthcare in the Central African Republic.



Mauricette Kobozo-YadibertMauricette Kobozo-Yadibert

Central African Republic

Mauricette Kobozo-Yadibert is a young Central African student. She is a guide for young girls and has worked as a Volunteer for Peace within her community. Mauricette thinks young Africans must be open-minded and more open to others' cultures and ideas. She realizes that it could be possible to change Africa's image if one were simply to believe and dare enough. She thinks that a true leader is one who accepts leadership roles given to them at various points in life, whether that be the workplace, a home, or the community. She is interested in innovation and creativity and desires to set up her own firm later in life.

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