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2018 Engaged Citizen Conference Breakout Sessions

Agriculture and Global Health
Session facilitated by: Deb DeLaet

This session will focus on challenges at the intersection of agriculture and global health. It will include an overview of the health implications of contemporary agricultural practices, including the use of antibiotics in mass food production as a source of increased disease threats due to antimicrobial resistance, the contamination of clean water supplies, and the ways in which contemporary agricultural practices contribute to the growing global burden of non-communicable diseases. The session will ask participants to consider the effects of their behavior as consumers in national and global food systems on both their own personal health as well as global health in general.


Agricultural Labor Issues
Session facilitated by: Michael Haedicke and Lourdes Gutiérrez-Nájera

Wage laborers – farmworkers, meat packers, ranch hands – power the US agro-food system. Although grocery stores are full of products that were cultivated, harvested, or processed by somebody working for a wage, discussions of agricultural productivity and agricultural transformation usually privilege the experiences of independent farmers and ignore those of farmworkers and other wage laborers. This tendency creates an inaccurate understanding of how agro-food systems work and hides the legal and economic arrangements that shape the experiences of agricultural wage laborers. This breakout session will focus on the stories of people who work in the agro-food system and the forces that shape their experiences in positive and negative ways.


Agriculture, Food, and the Media: Deconstructing the messages we hear every day
Session facilitated by: Carlyn Crowe and Matthew Thornton

 From “feeding the world” to “fighting hunger worldwide,” we regularly hear sound bites about food and agriculture in the heartland of America and beyond. But what do these messages actually convey about the role of agriculture in society?  Through an interactive approach, the session explores the strategies behind the messages we encounter and how organizations manipulate the content and design of messages to influence how we think about food and agriculture in a global community.  


Iowa Agriculture Reality Check - Environmental Sustainability
Session facilitated by: Matt Russell and Jennifer Terry

In this session participants will evaluate the sustainability of Iowa agriculture and identify ways they can help create a more sustainable future.  The group will use media campaign materials from Iowa commodity groups as the source for asking questions, formulating opinions, and identifying actions.  Participants will leave the session capable of promoting more sustainable agricultural systems  in Iowa.


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