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Notecards: Use “Wasted” Time in a Flash

Tired of cramming for exams? Make good use of “wasted” time — those moments spent waiting in line at the bookstore, during breaks between classes, grabbing lunch by yourself or waiting during TV commercials. If you add it all up, you probably have an hour or two a day that is wasted — perfect for getting some quick studying done.

Make flash cards to study the key points of each lecture and reading. Write possible test questions on one side and the answer on the other. Keep your cards with you at all times so you can pull them out and run through them. In a day or two you will have learned most of the stuff you need to know.

There are several advantages to using flash cards.

  1. Simply making the cards makes you an active learner. You initiate the process of asking what is important.
  2. Because flash cards are small and portable, you can carry them easily.
  3. You can easily sort the cards into stacks of what you know and what you need to spend more time studying.
  4. Using flash cards employs the time-honored learning technique of repetition.
  5. You can study while you workout.
  6. You have the convenience of an instant quizzing tool.

For more study tips contact:

Chrystal Stanley, 271-3752, or Michelle Laughlin, 271-1835,

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