Jeremy Curtis

Jeremy Curtis

Associate Director of Admission

Recruiting in: Texas


Phone: 515-271-1975

Educational Background: B.S., Angelo State University

Hometown: Allen, Texas

Three interesting things about Jeremy:

  • I travel the U.S. with a competitive Men’s Volleyball team.
  • One of my goals in life is to travel to the 16 national parks/historical trails in Texas. I have been to 5!
  • I love the beach and warm weather so much that I collect Hawaiian shirts! At one point in my life I had 61 shirts, but I am sad and happy to say that I am down to 26.

Why do you love Drake?

I love Drake for several reasons! Being able to attend a “midsized” institution that offers programs and activities that can be found on a larger campus is one of them. Students can choose from over 160 organizations to participate in and from an academic standpoint can learn across 140 different majors to cater to future career goals. I also love the fact that campus is just a stone’s throw from the Iowa capital and various eateries!

What is your favorite thing to do in Des Moines?

My favorite thing to do in Des Moines is to explore! There are so many cool shops, restaurants, parks, etc., that every day in Des Moines can be an adventure trying something new!

What is your advice for prospective students?

Make a list of schools that you are interested in attending. Once your list has been made, do research on those institutions to see what majors they offer, student organizations, even google maps the campus. Once you have done a little of your own research, I think it is very important to visit any campus you are considering so that you can get a feel of the atmosphere, culture, faculty, etc. This will play a big role in making your decision if you can visit a campus. I also challenge students to ask every question they can think of when talking to a college representative even if it seems silly. Remember that you are the “customer” and that you deserve answers because you are making an educational and financial commitment. Also know that as a prospective student that it is ok to not have all of the answers during the college search process and even in college. Life is a journey and you will learn where you want to be and what major to choose in time!