Nic Jacobson

Nic Jacobson

Admission Counselor

Recruiting in: AR, KS, & Areas of MO.

(Missouri Areas: Zip codes 640, 641, 644-648, 653, 656-658.)


Phone: 515-271-3231

Educational Background: BSBA of Business Administration in Management and Economics, Drake University

Hometown: Rockford, Illinois

Three interesting things about Nic:

  • I love to play tennis! I have been playing since I could walk, and it is one of the only ways you can find me exercising.
  • Since quarantine had me stuck inside a lot, I learned how to arm knit blankets and now have a mountain of blankets in my apartment.
  • I am a total ski bum. If there is snow on the ground, you can bet I am searching for the nearest slopes!

Why do you love Drake?

At Drake, I love how personalized the entire experience is. I was able to develop personal and real relationships with a lot of faculty members both inside and outside my major that helped me explore new areas of interest and even land a few internships. Even our students are committed to each other’s successes and helping in any way they can!

What is your favorite thing to do in Des Moines?

Every Sunday, my friends and I have a tradition where we walk around Gray’s lake and then take one of the bike trails over to our favorite restaurant: Mullet’s. There we have brunch on the river and then walk back to Gray’s Lake to hang out by the water, weather permitting of course!

What is your advice for prospective students?

My biggest piece of advice is to not forget to stop and smell the roses. I know that the college search process and college itself can feel like a whirlwind. However, this is one of the most formative and amazing experiences of your life! Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy where you are now!