Megan Rapinoe

41st Bucksbaum Lecturer


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World Cup Champion. Olympic Gold Medalist. Equality Advocate. 

Megan Rapinoe addressed a full house at The Knapp Center as the 41st Bucksbaum Lecturer on November 19, 2019. Jill Farmer, JO’91, moderated a Q&A with Rapinoe, the highly decorated soccer player, equality advocate, and business owner. (Rapinoe also started the company Rapinoe SC, a soccer and performance training and lifestyle apparel business, with her twin sister, Rachel. The mission of their brand is to help people of all ages and backgrounds reach their full potential and Be Your Best You, both on and off the field.) During the lecture, Rapinoe spoke about issues such as equality and other social and political issues. She highlighted what it means to “Be Your Best You” and issued a challenge to the audience to “make it cool to care” and create change wherever they find themselves.

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