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Business and Finance
Policy Title: Group Travel/Air Travel
Created 9/7/2007       Updated 9/25/2009

Purpose: To outline the official approval process for group and air travel.

Group Travel Approval
University employees must have prior approval of the office of Business and Finance for group travel arrangements, e.g., travel with student groups, alumni, tours, classes.  Normal day-to-day business travel by an individual employee does not require advance approval.  All private aircraft usage, charter agreements, contracts with travel agents, and other arrangements for group travel must be reviewed in the Business and Finance Office.

Driver Approval
All potential drivers, renters or lessors of automobiles or vans used in Drake University group travel should also be pre-approved.  (For more information, see the Transportation Policy on the web at: Click on Transportation Policy.)

Air Transportation
Because of restrictions in the University's insurance policies, employees are not authorized to charter, pilot, lease or contract for aircraft (including helicopters, hot air balloons and sky diving) on behalf of Drake University.

Personal Vehicle Use
If you drive your own vehicle on University business, your own insurance policy serves as a "primary" policy for third party liability and physical damage to your vehicle. Drake's coverage is in excess for third party liability only.  An approval is also required when an individual that is not an employee drives on behalf of the University.  See the Transportation Policy or the Insurance Guidelines for the approval process information.

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Responsibility for Administration: Vice President for Business and Finance
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