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WHAT: Certificate of Insurance is a brief document providing evidence that certain general types of insurance coverages and limits have been purchased by the party required to furnish the certificate.

WHY: A Certificate of Insurance with Drake listed as Additional Insured is a risk management tool that is used often to transfer or reduce risk. 

Additional Insured is a person or organization not automatically included as an insured under an insurance policy, but for whom insured status is arranged, usually by endorsement.   (WHY: Unless requestor is named as an additional insured on the actual policy, requestor will have no legal rights or access to the stated coverages.)

Endorsement: An addendum to an insurance policy that changes the original policy provisions. Endorsements are used to broaden the scope of coverage, restricting or limiting the scope of coverage, clarifying the application of coverage to some unique exposure, adding other parties as insureds, or adding locations to the policy. 

WHEN IS A CERTIFICATE USED: Requirement in a contract, requirement to use a requesting party’s facility, to reduce risk for requesting party, proof of insurance, etc. 

Certificate of Liability Insurance Form and FAQs
Certificates of Insurance Limit Guidelines
Basic Insurance Terms

FORMS: Certificate of Liability Insurance Request(COI). These forms are used to request certificates of insurance from vendors for Facility Rentals, Services <$25,000, Contracts, Events, Chartered Rentals, Sport Camps, etc.

Certificate of Insurance Request Forms:

CONTACT: To determine if a Certificate of Liability Insurance is on file for your event, rental, contract, etc. contact 515-271-3116 or 515-271-2804.  or email:


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