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Used for various events--on campus, off campus, debates, field trips, mock trials, moot court, competitions, personal vehicle use, personal property on campus, etc.


Release of Liability/Waiver is a risk management tool  that is used to transfer part of the risk of the activity to the one participating in it.  The participant is declaring that the company or organization that's hosting or running a certain activity, e.g., a gym that has a rock climbing wall; a voluntary service learning activity, will not hold responsible the hosting entity for any injuries that person sustains while voluntarily participating in the activity.

Assumption of Risk is similar to a release of liability. When a participant signs a form assuming the risk of a voluntary activity, the participant is declaring that the potential for injury and personal damage has been explained to participant, and that participant is proceeding even with the knowledge that the activity has inherent risks. If injury or damage occurs, the participant is and assuming responsibility for their own injuries or damages.




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