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Cultural and Identity Based Resources

Drake University values diversity as an institutional strength that encompasses a broad range of human differences. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion acknowledges the role Drake University can play in redressing historic injustices that result in continued marginalization of members of specific groups, and seeks to understand and respond to contemporary calls for inclusivity as necessitated by social justice.  Drake University moves past mere tolerance of diversity and creates a culture of inclusion that sees diversity of identities, backgrounds, and ideas as fundamental to our excellence and success as an institution. Learn more about Drake's committment to diversity, equity and inclusion and read Drake's Statement of Principles.

Career Services commits to:

  • Devoting time and resources to ensuring the equitable treatment of all students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and visitors to campus.
  • Intentionally collaborating with students, faculty, and staff with diverse identities, backgrounds, and ideas. 
  • Ensuring all students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and visitors feel that they have been treated with respect.
  • Teaching all faculty, staff, and students to recognize discrimination and oppression in the workplace, as well as giving each individual tools to address and prevent it.
  • Recognizing and nurturing our different, unique identities.

Resources for specific cultures and identities


Asian/Pacific Islander


Black/African American


First Generation


Formerly Incarcerated People


Health/Mental Health








Middle Eastern


Native American/Indigenous Peoples


Persons with Disabilities


Religion/Faith Communities





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February 23, 2024