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Entrepreneurial Management

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration with a major in entrepreneurial management.

Description of Program

The entrepreneurial management major is designed for students who are interested in concepts related to starting and growing a business. Additionally, when combined with another business major, this major will help a student develop an entrepreneurial perspective relevant to any field. Students learn the process for new product or service concept generation, feasibility analysis and implementation and gain understanding in the leadership and management qualities of entrepreneurs.

Requirements for Major

Students are required to complete at least 124 credits. At least 42 of these credits must be taken in courses numbered 100 or above.

During their first year, students typically focus on building a liberal arts foundation prior to pursuing the business core and major courses. These first-year courses may include accounting, business law, economics, English, mathematics, rhetoric and communication studies, and electives. The following table provides a list of courses for the major.

Course Code

Course Name

Typical Year


PSY 001

Introduction to Psychology



ACCT 090

Profit planning and Control


ACCT 042 and IS 044

ENTR 090

Entrepreneurial Leadership



MGMT 160

Planning and Control of Operations


IS 044, MGMT 120, and STAT 072

MGMT 175 or
MGMT 182

Employee and Industrial Relations
Human Resource Management

Junior/Senior Junior/Senior

MGMT 110
MGMT 110

MKTG 106 or
MKTG 114

Promotional Management Sales

Junior/Senior Junior/Senior

MKTG 101
MKTG 101

MKTG 118

Marketing Management


MKTG 101 and STAT 071

BLAW 180 or
BLAW 190 or
INS 141

Legal Issues of Business Org.
Legal Topics of Current Interest
Risk Management


BLAW 060
BLAW 060
Sophomore standing

ENTR 190

Creating a Company


ACCT 090, ENTR 090, and MKTG 101

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