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Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration degree with a major in Marketing.

Description of Program

The Marketing major provides both a theoretical understanding and a managerial/applied perspective regarding the principles of marketing and an understanding of marketing’s interaction with other functional areas of the organization. Through the selection of marketing electives, marketing majors receive a broad exposure to the diversity of marketing activities and an opportunity to tailor the program to their own interests. Central to these ends, the courses develop an understanding of the vocabulary of marketing, the process of exchange and the role of relevant information in decision-making. Experience with diagnosing and analyzing marketing problems as well as developing and implementing courses of action is emphasized.

Students of marketing prepare for professional careers in marketing management, product management, marketing research, consumer analysis, advertising management, selling and promotion, brokerage, wholesaling and related positions.

Requirements for Major

Non-business requirements:

One economics course numbered 100 or above

  • SCSS Sociology 1
  • Psychology 1 (Introductory Psychology)

Business requirements:

  • Marketing 113 (Marketing Research)
  • Marketing 118 (Marketing Management)

In addition, the student must select, depending on interest, 4 of the following:

  • Marketing 106 (Promotional Management)
  • Marketing 108 (Database Marketing)
  • Marketing 114 (Sales Management)
  • Marketing 115 (Consumer Behavior)
  • Marketing 170 (Global Marketing)
  • JMC 76 (Advertising Principles)
  • Marketing 109 (Internet Marketing)

Requirements for Minor

Accounting 41; Econ 001; Econ 002; Soc 001 OR PSY 001; Stat 71 OR Psy 015; Mkt 101; MKT 113; MKT 118; choose two marketing electives from: MKT 106, 108, 109, 114, 115, or 170.

A total of 6 hours of transfer credit may be applied toward the required courses for the Marketing minor.  The Marketing minor must have a 2.00 GPA or above.

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