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Degree Option

Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in sociology.

Description of Program

The study of sociology enables students to appreciate and engage the complexities of social life. The program in sociology is designed as a central component of the curriculum in the college of arts and sciences and in the university.

As a result of taking classes in sociology, students should develop an awareness of how sociologists produce knowledge, of the nature of that knowledge and of the relevance of sociological inquiry in society. Students should develop sociological imaginations and an ability to appreciate and articulate the connection between personal biography, social structure and human history, and they should be able to bring this imagination to focus in the effort to understand local national and global communities. Students must be intellectually and personally stimulated by their classroom experiences, must be able to think critically about those experiences and about the larger social arena in which their work has relevance and gain a sense of the moral and ethical implications of the production and application of sociological knowledge.

The sociology major prepares students for careers in contemporary society and for graduate study in sociology and in other professional fields. Additionally, the sociology major enhances student preparation for effective participation in the community and society at large.

The various courses in the sociology program examine social groups and processes in a wide diversity of contexts, with an emphasis on critical thinking and social justice. The program has flexibility built into the core course requirements and includes anthropology in the curriculum. There are also opportunities for internships and service learning.

Requirements for Major

Minimum of 37 credit hours in sociology that include the following:

  1. One entry-level course. SCSS 1-25.
  2. Two theory-intensive courses*. Choose from SCSA 101, SCSS 70, SCSS 080, SCSS 133, SCSS 135, SCSS 151, SCSS 170, SCSS 173, SCSS 174, SCSS 175, SCSS 176
  3. Two methodology-intensive courses*. Choose from STAT 50, SCSA 156, SCSS 77, SCSS 156, SCSS 158, SCSS 159
  4. One Senior Capstone Experience* (4 credit hours). SCSS 199 - 1 credit and Senior Experience Course – 3 credits
  5. An additional 6 elective courses (18 hours) in sociology. Up to 6 hours of anthropology courses and one course in the Study of culture and Society (SCS) may be used to satisfy this elective requirement.

* Transfer courses may not be used to fulfill the theory-intensive, methods-intensive or Capstone requirements.

Anthropology courses taken to fulfill the methods- or theory-intensive requirement for the sociology major may be taken in addition to the 6-hour allowance for anthropology courses.

To graduate with a sociology major, students must earn grades of "C" or higher in each core course. Students completing the sociology major may not earn a major in the anthropology and sociology major.

Requirements for Minor

Minimum of 18 hours of coursework in sociology to include one entry-level course and an additional 15 hours of sociology courses. Specific courses are planned by the student in consultation with an academic adviser to complement the major and/or future career and educational goals. A maximum of 6 hours in anthropology courses may be part of the 18 hours required for the minor. A maximum of 9 hours of transfer credit may be applied toward the sociology minor.

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