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Graduation Requirements

All SJMC Majors

Required Credit Hours and Courses

All students working for a bachelor's degree at Drake must complete the Drake Curriculum (Areas of Inquiry) or Honors curriculum. A minimum of 124 total credits are required to graduate.

In addition, for all SJMC majors:

  • 32 to 38 credit hours must be in the SJMC.
  • A minimum of 65 credits are required in courses offered by programs in the College of Arts and Sciences or in other courses that are liberal arts in nature.
  • 22 to 28 credits that remain may be in Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Fine Arts or Pharmacy.
  • 40 credits of upper-level coursework (classes numbered 100 or above) is required. SJMC coursework counts toward this requirement.

All SJMC majors must successfully complete:

Number and Title


JMC 30 (Communications in Society)


JMC 31 (Multimedia Lab)


JMC 40 (Pre-Professional Workshop)


JMC 54 (Reporting and Writing Principles)


JMC 59 (Introduction to Visual Communication)


JMC 66 (Media Responsibility Over Time)


JMC 104 (Communications Law and Ethics)


Core SJMC coursework


Arts and Sciences coursework must include:

  • ECON 001 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
  • POLS 001 (American Political System)
  • SCSS 001 (Survey of Sociology) - With approval of the adviser, an introductory sociology course other than Sociology 1 may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Individual majors in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication also may require other non-SJMC courses.

First – Year SJMC Major Curriculum

Entering first-year SJMC majors should enroll in JMC 30 (Communications in Society), JMC 31 Multimedia Lab and in a First Year Seminar. Other classes aimed at satisfying general education requirements should be taken for a total of 15 or 16 credit hours.

In the second semester of the first year, SJMC majors should meet with their SJMC adviser to choose from among the introductory SJMC classes, including:

  • JMC 54 (Reporting and Writing Principles) - an introductory media-writing course required for all SJMC majors.
  • JMC 59 (Introduction to Visual Communication) - a survey of visual communication design and technology, including introduction to digital photography, page design and Web design.

The remainder of the second-semester schedule is chosen, in consultation with the student’s academic adviser, to satisfy general education requirements.

Students with Sophomore Status and above

Students should work toward completing all Drake Curriculum requirements by the end of their junior year. All SJMC majors build to a senior capstone, and prerequisites are required for most upper-level coursework. Students are advised to complete coursework from lower level (numbered courses below 100) to upper level (above 100). Students must also take into consideration that some required classes are offered only once a year.


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