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AP, IB, CLEP Credit

For Students Entering Fall 2011

(Revised on Nov. 3, 2010)

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Drake University awards advanced standing credit through several programs. In consultation with faculty advisers, all credits accepted are applied toward completion of Drake Curriculum, major or elective requirements. Course equivalencies shown are used as guidelines in the process and are subject to change.

During orientation and registration, students are encouraged to register for classes according to the guidelines for advanced credit and the scores they expect to achieve. If actual scores are different from those anticipated, class schedules may be adjusted accordingly after arrival on campus. Official transcripts must be provided to the Office of  Student Records and Academic Information directly from the issuing organizations prior to the beginning of a student's first semester at Drake.

Duplication: Credit will not be granted for any AP, IB, or CLEP exam for which college credit has already been earned. Students will not be granted credit for a lower-level course in a sequence of courses after credit in a higher-level course has been earned.

Science Majors: Students majoring in a science, a preprofessional science-related field or pharmacy should contact the appropriate department or college to verify how science credits earned through these programs will be applied to the major.

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Faculty advisers will determine whether acceptable AP coursework will be applied toward Drake Curriculum, major, or elective requirements. Credit for other AP examinations will be reviewed as needed.

DU equivalent
Art History43ART 75
Art General43Art Elective
Art Drawing43Art Elective
Biology48BIO 1, 1L, BIO Elective
Calculus AB*34MATH 50
Calculus AB subgrade34MATH 50
Calculus BC*38MATH 50, 70
Chinese Lang and Culture46CHIN 1, 2
Chemistry48CHEM 1, 2, 3, 4
Comparative Govt.43POLS 65
Computer Science, A33CS elective
Computer Science, AB33CS 65
Economics, Macro43ECON 1
Economics, Micro43ECON 2
English Literature**6ENG 1 + Elective
English Language**6ENG 1 + Elective
Environmental Science43ENV 35
European History46HIST elective
French Language6FREN 001 + 002
French Literature9FREN 001, 002, 051***
German Language6GERM 001 + 002
Human Geography43SCSG 2
Italian Lang and Culture46General Elective
Japanese Lang and Culture46JAPN 1, 2
Latin: Vergil46General Elective
Latin Literature6Elective language
Music Theory44Evaluated on an individual basis
Physics B38PHY 11, 12
Physics C Mechanics34PHY 1
Physics C Elect & Magn34PHY 2
Psychology34PSY 1
Spanish Language6SPAN 001 + 002***
Spanish Literature9SPAN 001, 002, 051***
Statistics33STAT 71
Studio Art43Art Elective
Studio Art: 2-D Design43Art 13
Studio Art: 3-D Design43Art 14
U.S. Govt. & Politics43POLS 1
U.S. History46HIST 75, 76
World HistoryHIST 1, 2

* Not more than 8 semester hours of Advanced Placement credit for calculus will be granted.
** Not more than a total of 6 semester hours of Advanced Placement English credit will be granted.
*** Students who complete both Language and Literature classes in French and Spanish will receive only 3 additional credits for the Literature exam.

International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate Program and receive a diploma will receive approximately one year of credit toward graduation. Partial completion of the IB requires a course-by-course evaluation. Faculty advisers will determine how IB coursework will be applied toward Drake Curriculum, major or elective requirements. Credit for other IB examinations will be reviewed as needed.

IB Courseworkrequired
DU equivalent
Arabic Language (A1) Standard Level5-76Arabic 001, 002
Arabic Language (A1) Higher Level5-79Arabic 001, 002, 051
Arabic Language (B) Standard Level5-79Arabic 001, 002, 051
Arabic Language (B) Higher Level5-712Arabic 001, 002, 051, 052
Art higher5Art elective
Art standard3Art elective
Biology higher58BIO 1, 1L, BIO Elective
Biology standard54BIO 1, 1L
Business & Mgt higher46BUS Elective
Business & Mgt standard43BUS Elective
Chemistry higher48CHEM 1, 2, 3, 4
Chemistry standard54CHEM 1, 3
Comp Science higher46CS 65 + CS elective
Comp Science standard53CS 65
Design Technology higher47Physical Science + lab + elective
Design Technology standard43Physical Science + lab
Economics higher6ECON 1, 2
Economics standard53ECON 1
Eng Lang A1 & A2 higher56ENG Elective
Eng Lang A1 & A2 std53ENG Elective
Eng. Lang B higher5ENG Elective
Eng. Lang B standard53ENG Elective
French Language (A1) Standard Level5-76French 001, 002
French Language (A1) Higher Level5-79French 001, 002, 051
French Language (B) Standard Level5-79French 001, 002, 051
French Language (B) Higher Level5-712French 001, 002, 051, 052
Geography higher48SCSG 1 no lab + SCSG elective
Geography standard53SCSG 3
German Language (A1) Standard Level5-76German 001, 002
German Language (A1) Higher Level5-79German 001, 002, 051
German Language (B) Standard Level5-79German 001, 002, 051
German Language (B) Higher Level5-712German 001, 002, 051, 052
History higher (including subcategories)53HIST elective
History standard53HIST elective
Information Technology higher43IS Elective
Information Technology standardNo credit
Islamic History higher43HIST elective
Islamic History standard43HIST elective
Latin higher46General Elective
Latin standard53General Elective
Math Studies standard54MATH 20
Math Methods standard54MATH 20
Mathematics higher level48MATH 50 + elective
Mathematics standard level58MATH 50 + elective
Advanced Math standard54MATH 54
Music higher53MUS 5
Music standard (including subcategories)43MUS 80
Physics higher48PHY 11 + Elective
Physics standardPHY 11
Psychology higher4PSY 1
Psychology standard4PSY 1
Social Anthro higher46SCSA 2 + SCSA elective
Social Anthro standard53SCSA 2
Spanish Language (A1) Standard Level5-76Spanish 001, 002
Spanish Language (A1) Higher Level5-79Spanish 001, 002, 051
Spanish Language (B) Standard Level5-79Spanish 001, 002, 051
Spanish Language (B) Higher Level5-712Spanish 001, 002, 051, 052
Theatre higher4Elective
Theatre standard43Elective
Wisual Arts Standard Level53Art Elective
Visual Arts Higher Level53Art Elective

College-Level Education Program (CLEP)

Revised effective 10-1-10
Any undergraduate student may qualify to earn credit toward graduation through the CLEP Subject Examinations listed below. The subject exams are essentially end-of-term tests designed to measure achievement in specific college courses.

For any subject exam, the required score may change from year to year. Students are not eligible to earn credit through an examination if they have withdrawn from an equivalent course after the midpoint of the semester. Students who have taken either semester of introductory accounting are not eligible to earn credit by exam for the remaining semester. The maximum possible credit granted through CLEP is 39 hours.

Students with strong backgrounds in any of the following subjects are advised to take the corresponding subject examination. Students must achieve the Drake required score to earn credit in the subject area.

DU equivalent
American Government65503POLS 1
Biology50504BIO 1, 1L
Business Law50503BLAW 60
Financial Accounting50503ACCT 41
Chemistry50504CHEM 1, 3
Chemistry768CHEM 1, 3 & 2, 4
College Mathematics61503Math 17
Calculus w/ Elementary Functions61504MATH 50
Human Growth + Development58503EDUC 105 or 106
Pre-Calculus61504MATH 20
Sociology, Introductory56503SCSS 1
Psychology, Introduction59503PSY 1
Macroeconomics, Principles50503ECON 1
Microeconomics, Principles50503ECON 2

Credit will not be granted for the following exams: Information Systems, Algebra/Trigonometry, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Principles of Marketing, and Intro to Educational Psychology.

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