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Individualized Major or Minor

Students with well-defined educational goals that lie outside the major fields listed may submit a proposal to pursue a combination of existing courses as an individualized major or minor. The formal proposal must set forth: (1) the objectives the student hopes to achieve by pursuing an individualized major or minor; (2) a list of the courses to be included in the program of study; and (3) a statement of how these courses will lead to the realization of the objectives. The proposed program of study must form an integrated whole. The major must include a minimum of 32 hours of coursework, of which 20 hours must be of the junior-senior level. The minor must include a minimum of 18 hours of coursework, of which nine must be of the junior-senior level.

The proposal is considered by a committee consisting of the associate dean, the major adviser and a second adviser from another discipline. If the proposed individualized major or minor is approved, the student would complete the major or minor program under the direction of these advisers. After the program has been accepted, any change must be approved by the committee, which may require a program of directed study or reading or the preparation of an essay to synthesize the coursework.

Individualized majors must be planned and approved before the second semester of the student’s junior year. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the associate dean, especially for transfer students.

All other requirements for a degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, such as general education requirements and number of upper level hours, must be met in every student’s overall academic program.

For further information and the form to complete for this major, contact the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office.

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