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Available Programs

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Joint Degree Programs
Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
Doctor of Pharmacy/Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.)

Program Overview

The practice of pharmacy is an integral part of total health care. The pharmacist serves as a vital source of drug use information for other health care professionals and members of the community. The special knowledge of the pharmacist can maximize the effectiveness of disease treatment and minimize the possibility of adverse effects that could develop during drug therapy of diseases.

Pharmacy practice environments are diverse and challenging. While many graduates pursue careers in community and hospital pharmacy, others choose careers in the pharmaceutical industry, research, government service, consultant pharmacy or other diverse professional specialties.

The principal goal of the pharmacy program, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, is to provide an educational experience that prepares graduates for careers in pharmacy. The curriculum provides a balance between theoretical principles, practical applications and structured practice experience. Since 1984, pharmacy graduates have enjoyed a placement rate near 100%.

Requirements for Doctor of Pharmacy

211 semester credit hours required.

The four-year professional program is preceded by two years of pre-professional coursework. The curriculum for the pre-pharmacy and professional programs can be viewed at Please note that courses in the professional program may change.

Joint Degree Programs

Pharmacy/Master of Business Administration Joint Degree Program

Students may earn a Master in Business Administration in conjunction with the Pharm.D. Students who pursue this combination have opportunities in management and administrative positions. This program requires a careful selection of prerequisite courses for the M.B.A. degree as electives in the pharmacy curriculum. Students start at Drake in pharmacy and apply to the College of Business and Public Administration after completing the foundation courses. The combined degree program typically takes an extra semester to complete beyond the pharmacy degree, rather than an extra two years.

Pharmacy/Master of Public Administration Joint Degree Program

Students may earn a Master in Public Administration through a joint program established in cooperation with the College of Business and Public Administration. Students are admitted to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and during their first professional year may seek admission to the M.P.A. program. Students who pursue this option have management and administrative opportunities in the public sector.

Pharmacy/Doctor of Jurisprudence Joint Degree Program

Students may elect to earn both a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Doctor of Jurisprudence (law) degree in a joint degree program offered in cooperation with the Drake Law School. The program allows students to focus their education on legal and health care issues. Participating students are admitted first to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. A student pursuing this program should plan to take the LSAT and formally apply to the Law School during the spring semester of the first professional year. Each student’s schedule is tailored individually in consultation with the joint degree adviser.

Please visit for additional information on these joint degree programs.

Students may use electives to pursue a second major, a minor, or a concentration. The college currently offers a Diabetes Care Concentration. Please visit for additional information on these options.

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