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World Languages and Cultures

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Spanish minor

Certificate of Competence in Language and Culture


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Program Overview

The program currently offers seven languages: American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Beginning Italian is also offered every other year. The faculty of the program mentor students as they gain functional competence in a language other than English, develop cultural understanding and become responsible global citizens. Students prepare to study or live abroad, enhance professional development, and pursue personal interests while working alongside the faculty and, in most courses, native speakers who lead conversationally focused sessions.

Spanish Minor

A minor in Spanish complements many majors. The minor in Spanish at Drake includes components of significant community engagement in all upper-level courses.

Rather than simply requiring students to complete a certain number of courses, this minor requires students to demonstrate their linguistic and cultural competence in real-world applications. Classroom assignments necessitate that students demonstrate critical-thinking skills and maintain an electronic portfolio in which they self-reflect on the development of those skills.


  • Minimum 18 hours of coursework
    • 15 of the 18 hours must be in Spanish
      • Minimum of nine of the 15 hours must be above SPAN 140
        • Minimum of six of the nine hours must be completed at Drake
  • The Director of World Languages and Cultures must approve courses taken abroad or at other U.S. institutions of higher education
  • In addition to 15 hours of Spanish, WLC 148 - Intercultural Communication (or an approved equivalent as determined by the Director of World Languages and Cultures) is required
  • Minimum grade of "C" in each course required for the minor
Eligible Courses Credit Hours
SPAN 052 - Intermediate Spanish  
SPAN 140 - Practical Speaking and Writing  
SPAN 150 - Topics (may be repeated with a different topic)  
SPAN 151 - National Identity  
SPAN 152 - Film  
SPAN 153 - Multilingual Societies  
SPAN 160 - Language and Literature  
SPAN 165 - Spanish for Healthcare Providers  

World Languages and Cultures Certificate

The Certificate of Competence in Language and Culture is designed to allow students to demonstrate competence in a language other than English and a competent understanding of the cultural contexts in which that language is spoken. Interested students may pursue the Certificate in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Undergraduate students from any school or college are eligible to apply. The Certificate is compatible with nearly every Drake major.

In order to receive the certificate, students meet a set of requirements combining academic and co-curricular experiences. These experiences include a mandatory study-abroad experience in a program approved by the director of the World Languages and Cultures program. At the time of graduation, students must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and 3.0 GPA in language courses.

The certificate consists of a minimum of 14 hours of coursework (though more may be required depending upon a student's initial knowledge of the language of study).

Requirement Credit Hours
Two semesters of language study beyond the intermediate level (150 or 160 level) or equivalent from abroad 6
WLC 148 - Intercultural Communication, or equivalent 3
Study-abroad and surrounding experience courses 5
WLC 080 - The Study Abroad Experience I 1
WLC 081 - The Study Abroad Experience II 1
WLC 082 - The Study Abroad Experience III 3
Total 14
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